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thc diamond wax

THC Diamond Wax supports your transition from conventional cigarettes to E-vaporizers, allowing you to relish puffing without inhaling the hazardous substance in cigarettes. Marijuana Diamonds is a category of Concentrated Marijuana that allows that consumer to smoke or vape. The name comes from the Solid, crystalized, and transparent look that closely resembles Diamonds. 

THC Diamond Wax is a worthy choice for Marijuana Consumers; however, it is likely to be intimidating for first-time users. It will be especially relevant to mention that Crystallized marijuana features twice the concentration of Marijuana you will find in its flowers. Users need to heat the Crystalized Marijuana to smoke or vape. It is an excellent way to enjoy Marijuana as it ensures the highest quality standards and the finest user experience. Crystal Marijuana offers the best taste and flavor that will surely win your heart. 

Marijuana Diamonds are appreciated by users globally as the quality of the Cannabis Extract reaches its optimum standard. It features exceptional purity grade wherein Cannabinoids start forming Crystals. Also, it involves superlative labor and craftsmanship to transform the cannabis extracts into crystals. It is for this reason, it is one of the most premium items in its category. 

An overview of the Cannabis Diamond Making 

Cannabis Diamond Making typically involves the implementation of THCa and CBD from natural sources. And manufacturers adopt different methodologies to make the crystals. In this case, the process involves freezing fresh marijuana to make resin. Which is the primary process to form the crystalized marijuana. Curated Marijuana is an alternative option to produce Diamonds. But, as Terpene content is at its optimum level while harvested. And consequently goes through preservation, Terpenes feature higher live resin. For this reason, live resin is the preferred choice for making the diamond. 

The extraction process typically features the supersaturation process. It starts with soaking fresh cannabis in a solution made with Butane, Water, and Alcohol. In even proportion for long hours, allowing the plant extract to mix evenly with the solvent. Once it is completely soaked, the plant matter residue gets separated from the solvent forming the crude extract. The crude extract consequently goes through purging further to eliminate all hazardous chemicals and impurities. Finally, the manufacturer will place the filtered solvent in a dry and dark place under low temperature to allow crystal formation. Depending on the production environment, the crystal formation is likely to span between a few weeks to a few months. In some cases, the manufacturer will likely use Pentane, which accelerates the crystal formation. 

CBD Diamond production involves a methodology that differentiates the chromatography mixture components to eliminate all the unsolicited and hazardous content. Consequently, it goes through the Winterization process wherein the alcohol gets heated at a temperature of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, immediately cooling the heated wash to form crystals. 

CBD gets isolated from other Cannabinoid residues through filtration that utilizes compressed air force. After attaining the desired purity, the remaining solution gets heated, leaving behind the CBD Diamonds. 

What are the uses of THC Diamonds? 

Consumers can relish THC Diamonds in different ways. The most common usage is for smoking or vaping. It allows the users to relish the potential of the crystalized marijuana and enjoy its effects. Alternatively, Dab-Rig is another common use. The dab-rig features the appearance of the bong that comes with a water pipe featuring a nail. The user needs to place the extract here. The dab-rig features a harder touch compared to the bong, as the user needs to heat the extract to a higher temperature to vape or smoke it. 

Concentrated Cannabis Extract is likely to catch flare in the course of smoking, and hence users should stand alert while using it. However, it is easy to manage as the consumer can blow it out. As it involves heating at an elevated temperature, users should never touch the nail long after smoking which will allow it time to cool. As a piece of advice, while pulling the smoke through the pipe, users should ideally pause a little prior to inhaling the vapor, which allows the hot vapor to cool down relatively, making it conducive for the lungs.  

You can even mix the Marijuana Diamond with the plant matter, which significantly promotes its potency. It requires the user to crush the Cannabis Diamond into powder, adding it to the pine, bowl, or joint. 

Final thought

As Diamonds are concentrated, the dose is much higher than what you will find in regular flowers. Hence, you should use a nominal amount at once to experience the optimum impact. It produces a stronger and longer-lasting effect than usual smoking. Ideally, you should take as little as a grain of rice during the initial phase. It allows lesser smoke to intrude inside the lung, though you will enjoy a more substantial impact. 

Concentrates are ideal for smokers who have a high tolerance and use it medicinally. It will help first-time THC Diamond Wax smokers to start with the nominal amount and gradually keep increasing the volume as the body gets accustomed to the stronger impact.

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