What is the Best Restaurant Marketing Tips?

In the past couple of years, restaurant marketing has become no less complicated than any other business marketing. Research indicates that restaurant marketing agency NYC faces challenges that are tough and interesting at the same time in trying to generate new leads and promotions for restaurants. The availability of various options to customers has made the competition among restaurants even more challenging.

Therefore it has become immensely important for restaurants to navigate their marketing tactics and strategies following the new marketing reality. Following are some of the state-of-the-art ideas and trends that can help you with your next promotional activities.

  • Top marketing strategies for restaurants
  • Addition of reservation links to Google Business
  • How to present your dishes?
  • Make your business available online
  • Framework for restaurant marketing
  • Email marketing tactics
  • Focus on customer loyalty
  • Run Campaigns

Before discussing the marketing tips, let us first try and understand what restaurant marketing strategy is all about and its importance.

Definition of restaurant marketing strategy

A marketing strategy that focuses on the sales and returns for restaurants to promote their growth is what is called a restaurant marketing strategy. The main objective of the strategy is to lure guests to dine at your restaurant. The strategy includes promotional activities, pricing, menu design, focus on customer loyalty, customer service, events, and advertising. These are some of the very basic methods of promoting restaurants.

Importance of restaurant marketing strategy

To ensure the success of a restaurant, it is important to redefine the marketing strategy. To lure the attention of the customer, promotional activities are a must. The good news is to advertise and promote your restaurant; you do not have to spend much. There are various ways through which you can promote your restaurant. Social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO are some the effective and affordable marketing strategies.

Restaurant Marketing Tips

The following marketing tips will help navigate your restaurant in the new marketing reality to ensure its growth and success.

In comparison to various search engines, none other than Google is more relevant. Google is dominating when it comes to online food searches. If you don’t have a Google business 101 account then it’s time you create one. Take advantage of Google’s Open Graph and make the most of the local discovery to bring in more revenue.

Add the feature to take reservations directly from your Google business account. This will allow people to reserve your restaurant from your Google profile. This is a simple technique, isn’t it? Despite the simplicity, you can expect an increase of about 20% through online reservations. Sounds good?

Email marketing tactics

Most marketing agencies might recommend emailing newsletters to grab the attention of potential customers. However, since most companies use this tactic, you might not see the output if you plan to send just a general email once or twice a month. Nevertheless, email marketing is an effective means to promote your business. Research on the CRM of the restaurant and restaurant automation solution to kick-start email marketing on a different level

Online reservation platforms

For fine dining restaurants, an online reservation platform is rather a necessity. This will attract the attention of millions of potential customers who are always on the lookout for places to eat. These online platforms are customer friendly in the way that the users find it irresistible to withhold their temptations. If you are just starting up then it is best to opt for a free reservation system as they are equally beneficial. Work out with this strategy only if you find it cost-effective.

How to present the dishes?

The new lingo in the world of restaurant marketing is, “instagrammable dessert”. Heard of it? The purpose is to create a tempting presentation of the dish. This will encourage your customers to click pictures of it and share it online. This is also an efficient tactic that will help in promoting the restaurant. It is one of the most powerful techniques as it influences users to share content without spending a penny. If you are successful in creating content that goes viral then what more do you want? It will have the highest impact.

How to create instagrammable dessert?

While planning to create an instagrammable dessert, consider the following ideas:

  • Use those ingredients whose colors complement each other
  • The demonstration and the experience that you create must be worth recording
  • The dishes that you create must look good when placed together
  • Make sure that the dishes look bright and tempting
  • When you display the dishes, the lighting should be flattering
  • Use plates that are spick and span. Even the table must be neat and clean
  • Decorate the food and the table, so that people are encouraged to take pictures.

Discount coupons and running campaigns

One of the most effective tactics to lure people to your restaurant is to offer discounts, giveaways, free complementary dishes, buy one get one offers, etc. Do not let any festive events get away just like that. If there are no festivities then create a moment to celebrate. This will encourage people who love eating out to visit your restaurant.