What goes in the sugar cone?

The name says it – as a filling for the sugar bag or school bag, cool gadgets for your room sweets are particularly suitable. You can not only give away sugar bags at the beginning of school but also, for example, for the start of your studies. What these are and what is suitable as a filling for school bags, we write here.

There is always an occasion

Of course, the first day of school is the main reason for a sugar cone. But there are other motives for giving away a school bag, even of a joking nature:


  • Change to a secondary school
  • Start of training at the vocational school
  • Start of studies at the university
  • At the beginning of the driving school
  • For the promoted colleague in his new position
  • With new teachers at the beginning of the first day of work

Of course, in these cases, decoration and contents, as well as the size of the bag, differ.

It is important that the bag must not become too heavy. Otherwise, the child will not be able to carry them or the bag will tear open.

Fillings for the start of school

Sweets / Food

  • Peanut flips (nice and light)
  • Rice waffles
  • The letter or number of cookies

Equipment for the school

  • Pens, a pencil case, erasers, ruler, pencil, fountain pen, sharpener
  • Lunch box, water bottle, sports bag, sports pants, T-shirt, school friends book
  • Purse, chest bag for a bus ticket, umbrella or rain cape
  • A funny alarm clock, reflectors for the bicycle spokes, or reflectors (as stickers) for the satchel
  • Favorite sweets, cuddly toys, a small toy
  • Cuddly pillow with favorite motif
  • A doll or an action figure
  • A larger toy (board game or puzzle)
  • A football, a skipping rope
  • An annual ticket for the outdoor pool or indoor pool
  • An entrance ticket for a visit to the zoo or other excursion

If you want to give your child a bigger or heavier gift, a small homemade voucher is a nice idea.

School bag filling for high school, high school, university, or training

In this case, your children are already older and need other things for both school and hobbies.

The school supplies are similar:


  • Pens, sloppy pencil case, ruler, calculator, sharpener, eraser, compass, triangle
  • Homework book, notepad, student calendar
  • Favorite sweets, student food, glucose
  • Maybe a textbook needed for school
  • For larger wishes a nice voucher
  • When the child studies, he often moves to a new city. Then you can pack many items for the apartment or the student shack in the sugar bag:

Keychain for the new apartment

  • A cuddly toy for the new sofa
  • Maybe even a fuel voucher for the trips to the university and home
  • Vouchers for restaurants or purchases are also suitable here
  • A cookbook for cheap and quick dishes, novels, a movie, new USB sticks, a PC mouse
  • Funny dishes, a cup with a funny saying
  • A photo of the family hanging in the new apartment
  • Favorite sweets, student food, and glucose should not be missing here either.


A CD with favorite songs

Filling the sugar cone for extraordinary occasions

Start off the driving to school

Pen, pad, sweets, a can of non-alcoholic beer, a pendant for the car key, or a key case for the new car key

The first day of work for teachers

Sweets with funny sayings (“nerve food”, valerian tea), teacher comics, maybe a whistle to keep the students at bay; a pen set with high-quality ballpoint pens and fountain pens, a notepad, a calendar, a good book or a cinema voucher for relaxation

Promotion to a new workplace

Favorite sweets, baby gadgets for dads a special ballpoint pen with name engraving, a (funny) door sign, a new mousepad or a mouse in a funny form (for example, a car), and a puzzle book if he gets bored in the new position.

Gifts for funny occasions always depend on the humor level of the respective person.

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