May 30, 2023
How Can You Wash, Wax and Protect your Car Paint Properly?

Your car paint requires adequate protection against bird droppings, scratches and regular car wash. If you want to wash, wax and protect your car paint, there are some tips for caring for and cleaning the car paint. All of those tips will help your vehicle to shine like new. 

There are multiple ways to protect your car paint, and a vehicle cover is one of them. But, even after you have bought an excellent surface for your car, your vehicle may be subject to scratches, bird droppings and many other factors that can damage the vehicle’s paint. So, you need fool proof tips that can help your car shine. 

When looking for accessories for cars exterior, you will come across multiple accessories in the market or on online websites. But choosing the best supplements to protect your car’s paint can be tricky. So, this article will address all the tips and tricks that will help you protect your car paint. 

How To Wash, Wax and Protect Your Car Paint Properly?

There are multiple steps that you can follow to protect the paint of your car. These are some of the steps that will help you wash and preserve the colour of your vehicle correctly. 

Protect From Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are corrosive, and animal excrement can damage your car’s paint. The longer you allow those substances to remain on your car’s paint, the more damage your vehicle can do. Bird droppings can damage the sticky layer of your car that protects the vehicle paint. It is a process also termed honeydew. The word sounds beautiful but is a nightmare for drivers as honeydew can be referred to as bird feces.

This is one of those irreversible damages and needs to be fixed professionally. If you face the problem of bird droppings in your car paint, you need to wash it immediately as quickly as possible. The same is true when it comes to insects. You can purchase particular insect removers online to stop insects’ remains from sticking to your car’s paint. You can wipe the remover after you wash your vehicle. 

Paint Negligence Mustn’t Be Done

If you love your car, you must wash them at least twice weekly. As per professionals, if you fail to provide daily care and maintenance to your vehicle, it will be one of the best errors you will make as a car owner. If you want to repair your car, you can purchase spray paint for the vehicle or any paint material for a touch-up to reduce the damage significantly. 

The interval you give your car for washing is based on the type of your car model and how often you use it. You need to remember that if you frequently decide to wash your car, it causes you only to hunt your vehicle if you keep the essential things in mind. 

Perfection In Car Wash

Some car wash processes may include brushes, and some may consist of clothes. One kind is not necessarily better when you compare it to the other. You should not choose a brush or microfiber cloth that has become soiled with sand so that they can act as sandpaper. This can damage the entire paint surface of your car, which is why the car wash process needs to be well maintained and cleaned.

You would never like to walk into your dirty bathroom, and you need to take time to inspect the brushes for cleaning your cars. The best option would be to take your vehicle to a professional wash centre to protect the paint surface from external factors. You can also purchase car wax from online websites and apply it regularly after discussing it with a professional. 

One of the things to keep in mind is that as long as you allow rainwater to flow through the car paint surface normally, there is no need for new waxing. The weather plays a significant role in this case, and if you decide to keep the vehicle in a garage. You are protecting the vehicle and wax coat for a long time compared to keeping your car in the open. If you look forward to remaining on the safe side, it would be best to wax your vehicle during the spring season once and again before the winter season. 


Do you want to properly wash, wax and protect your car paint? Do you need clarification on how to do it? You will have everything here! These are some steps to wash, wax and protect your car paint. If you follow these steps, you will be able to watch the paint surface of your car and keep your vehicle looking shiny and new. You can visit Carorbis for the best paint protection accessories and apply the same in your car to keep it looking new. 

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