Virtual Reality in London

The virtual reality London experience allows group gaming and competitive socializing. It uses custom hardware, motion capture cameras, and 3D body trackers to provide an immersive experience. Guests will experience multiple experiences over the course of the virtual reality London. One of the most popular experiences is the View From The Shard. Others are Meet Space VR, Aeronaut, and Hold the World.

The View From The Shard is a successful example of VR tourism

Located at the top of the iconic Shard building, The View From The Shard is one of London’s most popular visitor attractions. The view from the top of the building offers some of the most beautiful views of London. The building is also one of the most sustainable skyscrapers in the mobile app development agency. Its design includes an integrated wind optimization system that allows the building to harness natural winds to reduce energy costs and provide maximum thermal comfort to tenants.

Happy Finish designed and built a world-first VR Slide experience for The View From The Shard in London. The building, which stands 95 stories high, revolutionized the city’s skyline when it opened in 2012. The open-air viewing platform offers breathtaking views of the city and its surrounding area. The View From The Shard wanted to use VR technology to enhance their attraction.

virtual reality London

Meet Space VR

If you’re in London and looking for something new to do, you may want to check out Meet Space VR. This immersive VR experience is set up in Wembley Park, right in the heart of London. There, you can choose from a number of VR games, including warehouse scale and PvP games. This is a unique experience, where you use your body as the controller and feel as though you’re truly in a virtual world. Pricing for the virtual reality experience varies depending on time and date of your visit.

The space is large enough to allow for multiple players. You can choose to play multiple games at once, enabling you to try several different experiences in a single day. The game selection at Meet Space VR is varied, and you can find a game for everyone. There’s even an arcade with VR titles to enjoy.


If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your evening, you might consider going to see Aeronaut, a new virtual reality theater in London. This immersive VR experience is a collaboration between the artists and innovators from the VR industry. The immersive experience features a room-scale system and interactive entertainment that connects audiences to Billy Corgan’s music.

The theater has two-player VR rooms. One, Escape the Lost Pyramid, is set in the Assassin’s Creed universe, while the other is the Four Thieves, which takes place in the Battersea district. Visitors can drink beer and enjoy the experience while playing in the room.

virtual reality London

Hold the World

Hold the World enables you to step inside a museum and experience the unique features of the Natural History Museum’s collection. The immersive VR experience allows visitors to see, handle, and interact with objects in real-time. You can also explore objects that would normally remain hidden in a museum. The immersive environment is designed to be a continuous learning experience, not a one-time experience.

Sky VR has commissioned Hold the World, a virtual reality experience that lets you experience the Natural History Museum in London. The experience features a virtual tour led by Sir David Thomson, who talks the viewer through different artifacts. You can also pick up objects and turn around to explore them in detail. The virtual experience will be available to Sky customers in the UK, Germany, Austria, and Ireland through the Sky VR app. Non-sky customers can also purchase a ticket through the Oculus store.

Mario Kart VR

If you are in London, you should check out the latest immersive VR experience: Mario Kart VR. This latest immersive VR experience is brought to you by the UK VR ZONE Portal. The UK VR ZONE portal is an organization that brings the latest immersive VR experiences from BANDAI NAMCO.

To play this virtual reality game, you’ll need a VR headset (like the HTC Vive) and tracking sensors on your hands. This allows you to be completely immersed in the world of Mario Kart. The VR experience is an extension of the Bandai Nintendo VR arcade concept, which first launched in Japan. It’s now available in London, with more locations slated for this summer.


If you’ve ever wondered what life was like 350 years ago in London, you can now experience it with the TimeLooper virtual reality in London. The app turns your smartphone into a time machine. You can see labourers working on the tower bridge in 1892 and other historical events. It’s a 21st-century twist on audio tours at museums, adding visual effects and context.

TimeLooper’s virtual reality in London is a new tourist and educational app that lets you relive historical moments by using a cardboard headset and smartphone. By allowing you to virtually experience these historical events, the app allows you to learn about them and participate in them. TimeLooper has completed projects in New York and London, and now plans to expand the technology to other cities.


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