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Improve Your CTR

Click-Thorough Rate, commonly known as CTR, is the number of users who click a specific link displayed on search engines, emails or a digital ad and enter your website from amongst the individuals who view that link.

Suppose a link flashes across 100 visitors, and only 10 of them click that specific link, then the CTR would be 10/100 * 100 = 10%. A good CTR between 10 to 20 per cent is considered good. However, specific emails to target customers based on their behaviour should be above 20%.

The common problem

Your primary focus is to get your website to rank top in the search engines. Nothing wrong with that. But you ignore the reality that ranking higher in the search engine is not enough. How do you ensure the visitor clicks your link and helps you achieve your goals?

On the practical level, you need to think about business. Your website is your online shop. What do you want people to do? Just watch the shop’s banner and move to another shop, or do you want them to enter your shop to do business with you?

I think most of you will prefer the latter option, right? So how do you do that? The first essential thing you want to get done is to make your people visit your shop, in this case, your website. For that, you will need to improve your CTR. Now, to improve the CTR, let’s understand how to achieve that.

On-page SEO factors to improve your CTR

Improving CTR mainly depends on an on-page SEO strategy. We will check these factors one by one.

1. Appealing Meta Descriptions

Have you noticed the description which displays just below your web page title?

These are the meta descriptions. The meta descriptions are responsible for forming an opinion about your webpage in the visitors’ minds.

If your meta descriptions convince the visitors that clicking on your website will solve their problems, they will click the link and enter your website.

2. Simple Title Format

Your title displayed on the SERPs is crucial for your CTR. Visitors quickly glance through your title, so it needs to be simple.

It explains what the page is about to the visitors, which facilitates going over the meta description, and ultimately clicking the link.

3. URLs should be descriptive

Page URLs are one of the most significant portions of the information displayed on search engines. You have a high possibility of improving your CTR if you have your URLs as descriptive as possible.

Descriptive doesn’t mean the URLs should be lengthy. They need to be short with targeted keywords added to them.

SEO Canberra helps to improve your CTR using unique ways.

4. Use images in your posts

Everyone knows the importance of images but may not understand their significance in improving CTR. Images are responsible for a decent engagement between visitors and the web pages.

Images also appear in the featured snippets of SERPs.

There lies a possibility of images getting clicked by users when they search via image search. To make this happen, you should ensure proper image naming and add alt tags to all the images.

Using images with proper image SEO practices may improve your CTR significantly.

5. Format content in listicle format

Listicle format means putting your content in the form of lists. And people love content formatted in the form of lists.

Why? Listicles require minimum cognitive effort to digest.

Many people find listicles easy to read and understand without extra effort.

To include listicles, ensure to have numbers in the title tag and headline. It will help users understand that the content format is a listicle that is easy to read, rather than essay-type paragraphs, which they hate to read.

Using listicles also increase your probability of getting displayed in featured snippets.

6. Site speed to be optimised

Site speed optimisation stood a crucial issue for ages. Today it has gained more importance as Google gave more importance to Page Experience and Web Core Vitals, which affect the ranking factors significantly.

In case you haven’t optimised your website for speed, it will result in visitors immediately bouncing off after clicking on your link. It will decrease your CTR drastically.

7. Localised content

Localised content helps you reach out to the target audience effectively, resulting in gaining highly committed consumers who are searching for products you are dealing with or selling.

Do not forget to add relevant information if you intend to drive clicks. One example is to add your location in your metadata.

Localised content is essential today as potential clients may search from their mobile devices, and most mobiles have their locations turned on.

Ensure you add your business information to business listings of major search engines, e.g. Google My Business for Google.

8. Using long-tail keywords

The main benefit long-tail keywords offer is that they have a high probability of matching your content with the search query by any prospective client.

Include long-tail keywords in your title tags and heading. Long-tail keywords motivate users to click the link, as the descriptive keywords help them understand what the content is about and whether it is relevant to them or not.


The first target for any business is to rank its website higher in search engines. But numerous times, the link appearing at the first or second position doesn’t get clicked.

Or, your link may get viewed by thousands of viewers, but very few click on the link. This ratio is called the click-through rate. The Click-through rate is very crucial for your online marketing campaigns. There are many ways to improve your CTR, and regular checking on them will surely make you succeed with CTR improvement.

Improving CTR is an ongoing process. You need to practise continuously to improve your CTR. If your CTR is not up to the mark, your on-page SEO strategy doesn’t add value. There’s no use in getting your link to appear on the first page of SERPs if very few visitors click that.

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