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Top 5 Treks in India

India has lots of mountain ranges such as Nanda Devi, Kamet, Satpura range, Vindhya range, Saltoro Kangri, Mamostong Kangri, Saser Kangri, Jongsong , K12, Ghent Kangri, Kirat chuli, Mana, Mukut Parbat, Kalnka , Anadmudi, Dhupgarh etcetera. These places are mostly famous for trekking purposes where people come across the globe for experiencing thrill and adventure in their life. Generally they only need some instrument and a proper guide and they are ready for trekking.

As we know trekking provides mental stability, growth and development of the body and balance with nature. It allows us to connect with the natural environment in order to experience adventure in one’s life.


 5 Tantalizing and Enticing Trekking Places in India


Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek requires six to eight days’ time and is one of the popular known treks in India situated in Uttarakhand. It has summit climbing which is one the most difficult climbing in India. The long and tall trees with slight sunlight entering from the sky to the land makes the whole experience pleasant and alluring. It creates a drastic change from the sunrise to the sunset with different shades of landscape, rivers etc. People here are very friendly in nature and helpful but sometimes the crowd creates a negative impact as it leads to uncomfort. Here different seasons has different trekking adventure such as:

Winter – December to February

Spring – March and April

Summer – May and June

Autumn – Mid September to November

Rajmachi Trek

It is located in Maharashtra. It is the most popular fort of the Lonavala region. It has an altitude of 825 meters with a duration of one day. The best season which is considered for this place is June and September.

The greenery through which trekkers come closer to nature makes the experience more realistic.  The best part of this trek is that it has sightings of fireflies which look marvellous and charming when seen at night. Generally this trek is rich in flora and fauna as it is near Karjat and lonavala. It starts from Lonavala to Udhewadi and trails till Karjat. The view of landscapes , mountains and other natural things create a pleasant atmosphere which makes trekking more enticing and alluring.


Markha Valley Trek

A very known and popular trek in the Ladakh region is the Markha valley trek and is one among the best treks in India. It has a maximum altitude of 5150 meters.

It starts with dry mountains, streams and small villages with a variety of flowers and the fields of wheat, barley and mustard. It represents the ancient Tibetan culture where people believed in Buddhism. Trekking here will be etched in the memory of people for a long time. People also come here for photography purposes and to connect with nature. This place is mainly suitable for trekkers in the mid of June to mid of October. Its duration varies from seven to eight days. It has moderate difficulty. There is a stunning river valley named as Markha in   Hemis National Park. The trek involves some waist-deep river crossing along with high pass mountains.


Nanda Devi Trek

It is the highest peak in the Garhwal region of India with a rising to an altitude of 7819 meters. This place has unique types of flora and fauna and a place of beauty itself. Generally trekkers start with the Himalayan foothills and various rivers,streams and glaciers. It also attracts thousands of photographers,trekkers and mystic each and every year.

Its maximum altitude is 4150 meters with a duration of at least 10 days starting from May-June to September-October. This trek has a  moderate difficulty where trekkers require some skills in order to achieve their target.


Valley of Flower

As the name explains, a valley full of flowers blooming up to the sky and mountain, rivers floating near it creates an atmosphere of love and attraction towards nature. This place has a variety of flowers with a pleasant smell in the environment.

It has a maximum altitude of 3540 meters with a duration of five to seven days.  It is located in the Himalayas of Uttaranchal and has a difficulty level that varies from easy to moderate. Best time to go trekking  is from July  to September.


As a whole, these were the most adventurous trekking places in India which have different landscapes, mountains , rivers ,peaks, hills with an exciting and thrilling  experience. One must cover all the trekking places in order to gain knowledge , connect with nature, feel the pleasant land and alluring sites of India.


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