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Cracking a job and standing out among thousands of potential IT professionals in today’s competitive world is not an easy task. It is essential to showcase yourself in the industry to connect with prospective employers. Designing a profile with a prominent presence and easy accessibility will help you achieve your goal. Having an Oracle certification added up with your profile is a brilliant way to outshine others in your field.

Oracle is one of the highest-earning multinational companies that deal with merchandise and services related to technologies such as databases, operating systems, software, virtualization, etc. It has a market presence that has expanded all over the world. Oracle certification is crafted for IT professionals who want to gain expertise in conventional IT technologies, especially in Oracle products. 

Why doing an Oracle certification course is worth it

You are going to be flooded with job opportunities when an Oracle certification badge is flaunted on your social media profile and CV. Your profile is going to stand out among thousands of others.

According to the latest data, Oracle products are endorsed by 97% of the Fortune 500 companies. Oracle is a very popular brand trusted by millions of companies around the world. The demand for professions with Oracle training is naturally high in the market.

An Oracle certification broadens the sphere of knowledge and expertise in your professional field. Going for an Oracle certification can be the best decision, especially when you are a fresher in need of knowledge and experience in your area.

Going for an Oracle certification will be a practical step for you when you are planning to get professionally involved with Oracle merchandise and services. You can make the most of the vendor-specific certification Oracle offers. Professionals with Oracle certifications always grab the higher-salaried job opportunities.

How To Choose An Oracle Course

Choosing Oracle courses should always be based on your experience level, expertise in your field of work, and career prospects you are looking forward to. Let us dig out more about the kinds of certifications offered by Oracle:

Oracle Java Certification

  • Oracle Certified Professionals: Java SE Developer
  • Oracle Certified Foundations Association, JAVA
  • Oracle Certified Professional: JAVA SE P programmer

Oracle Cloud Certification

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Professional
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Certified Associate
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Certified Specialist
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate

Oracle SQL Certification

  • MySQL Database Developer Oracle Certified Professional
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate (JP)

How to prepare for Oracle certification?

Oracle offers a vast range of certifications. You have to pick up the right course for you. Depending upon your professional needs, work experiences, career prospects, and areas of expertise, you have to shortlist the certification.

Plan a schedule based on your availability and the time required for the preparation. Try to figure out the best ways to balance study, online preparation modules, and practice sets during preparation.

There are many resources available for Oracle training for certification. In case you want to invest the least amount of money for the study materials, go for the free resources. Avail yourself of the guiding modules that are readily available on Oracle’s Certification Training Website. To improve your time management skills, you can take the help of the self-paced online seminars with online accessibility.

Find some online training courses recommended by Oracle University and get the most out of them to maximize your chances of cracking the exam on your first attempt.

There is nothing more potent than self-assessment and self-evaluation when it comes to sitting for an exam. Get an idea about the level of preparation with the help of practice sets and preparation modules.

There are numerous online communities available nowadays, being a part of which can be a great help for your preparation. You can get direct access to the study materials and doubt-clearing classes via these online forums.


An Oracle certification is the much-required push for the growth of your career. You have to do your research to choose the particular course best suited to your career and aspirations. Oracle offers plenty of free resources and mock exams for you to strengthen your knowledge and confidence before attempting the exams. A well-crafted profile can reflect your real expertise to the employers, which is the ultimate goal for advancing your career.

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