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Healthcare and its importance are not new to humankind and history stand as a witness that healthcare has always been there since the beginning of civilizations. The earliest times have projected the theory and use of Ayurveda in order to treat medical illness. Even Hindu Vedas mention that the two most important practices to treat diseases are proper diet and yoga. The sages have claimed that almost any kind of health issue can be cured following the same.

Gradually with the advent of medical sciences, the shift happened from Ayurveda to homoeopathy to Allopath. Although each kind has its own way of working, the fastest and most accepted way is allopath because it gives immediate results.

In earlier days, kings and queens used to build dispensaries for the common people and sometimes, where surgery was done. Likewise, we have hospitals in today’s world. The word hospital comes from the Latin word ‘hopes which means to provide care and entertainment to any guest or visitor.

There is also a sad part to the history of medical science and health care, which is no proper healthcare was not provided to poor people in many countries in the past. The rich and elite classes were the ones who would allow themselves to get a proper check. However, over the years, the hospital management and the governments together understood the necessity of providing health care facilities to all when some of the deadliest pandemics rolled over this planet.

You must be wondering then why an institute dedicated to health care and the welfare of humankind needs the have CCTV for hospitals. There are many simple reasons for that like with newer technologies and improvements in medical sciences, the competition is reaching another level when you consider the other side of the coin which is medicine as a business. The recent time it not only about erecting a building and declaring it as a hospital, but the height of decoration or grandeur, facilities etc. matter now.

Apart from this the safety and security of the patients is also considered along with other factors that have given rise and made it a necessity to install CCTV for hospitals no matter if it is a small scale or large scale multi specialty hospital.

Let’s find out the uses of CCTV for hospitals.

Monitoring the doctors and nurses

Having a CCTV for hospitals ensures that the doctors and nurses are working efficiently with utmost care for the patient. It also helps in keeping a check on the quality of work performed by them, whether it is operating or consulting or diagnosing etc. no hospital management wants doctors who are only there for the money and know nothing because that will not bring a good name to that hospital. in case of any dispute filed by any patient, the CCTV recordings play a proof if the hospital management is at fault or the patient.

Monitoring the desk management team

The reception desk is the key desk of the entire hospital, where all the appointments are taken, payments are made, bills are generated etc. having CCTV for the hospital at the desk ensures that there is no theft happening from the cash drawer, all the important documents are well maintained, all staff who works on the desk are well behaved and do not take the work for granted. In case of any discrepancy, the hospital management team can review the CCTV footage and take action.

Monitoring the patient activity

In a well-established hospital, there are many departments taking care of patients for various illnesses and it becomes difficult for a nurse to keep a check on each and every patient 24×7. Having a CCTV for the hospital ensures the safety and security of the patient. In case there is an issue with the treatment of the patient or the way a patient was handled the CCTV helps in determining the entire course of the event.

Better security management

As per the government rules and regulations, every hospital needs to be equipped with a fire safety system, evacuation plan, appropriate exits etc. with CCTV for hospitals it becomes easier for the security team to guide everyone out of the building safely by watching the live feed from the cameras. In case of any attack, the team will be able to take action based on the CCTV images to ensure there is minimum to no casualty.


These are just some of the many benefits that any hospital management enjoys by installing state of the art CCTV for hospital

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