The Aims, Objectives and Values of a Home Health Care

.The administration and staff of home care strive to foster a lifestyle for their inhabitants that allows them to use their rights as individuals to the maximum extent feasible. This entails taking into account the following fundamental principles. Get the best services of home health care Dubai by Call Doctor.


Usually, home care plans to protect citizens’ privacy in the accompanying directions:

  • Creating measures to prevent employees from entering residents’ rooms without first ringing and listening for a favorable response.
  • Make it obvious to residents that you do not wish to be disturbed by staff and other inhabitants when they are, for example, receiving a visitor or engaging in any personal activity.
  • Assuring that residents may make phone calls, hold discussions, and read their messages without supervision.
  • Making arrangements for all consultations and talks about health as well as other personal problems to take place in a secure setting, and ensuring that resident knowledge is treated with the utmost secrecy and respect.
  • Ensuring that each tenant gets a locked place in their apartment for particularly private belongings.


They intend to protect citizens’ dignity in the following ways:

  • Arranging for individuals who require support with physical chores such as clothing, toileting, and showering to be assisted by a care professional of their choosing as much as possible.
  • Assuring that people receive enough assistance in dressing and keeping their clothing.
  • Providing residents assistance with haircuts, manicures, and make-up for them to obtain the physical image they desire.
  • Giving proper domestic services for residents’ rooms as well as delicate assistance to residents in maintaining their personal belongings in good condition.
  • Handling inhabitants with the respect that reinforces their personality and individuality at all times, tackling them in their preferred method, taking note of particular cultural requirements, and aiming for toasty and trusting relationships between staff and residents that are suitable to their various roles.


They strive to provide residents with as much freedom as feasible within the restrictions of their ability and group living organization by accomplishing the following:

  • Making every effort to let each person arrange and manage their social circle, even if this means taking certain risks.
  • Allowing residents to participate in household activities such as tidying their bedrooms and preparing beverages and snacks.
  • Promoting a system that allows inhabitants who are capable to leave and come to the facilities without restriction.
  • Encourage residents to assume as much responsibility for their own medicine and healthcare as feasible, and completely include residents in planning and administering their care through involvement in care planning and management of individual care records.


They may want to react to citizens’ legitimate security demands by implementing the following:

  • Assuring that assistance is immediately accessible for any member who falls or encounters any other problem while on the premises.
  • Removing unneeded sources of risk to fragile individuals from the physical environment.
  • Conduct risk evaluations for the buildings, the equipment utilized, and the residents’ individual and collective activities.
  • Checking the backgrounds of prospective employees and frequently informing and educating workers to ensure that people doing care jobs always act responsibly, professionally, and compassionately and never misuse their positions.
  • Protecting elements that exist within and instantly surrounding the house that may be hazardous to inhabitants, as well as from other individuals with who they come into touch who may exploit or mistreat them.

Civil Liberties

They set out to preserve the civil rights of our inhabitants by doing the following:

  • Providing citizens with the ability to challenge their ability to vote in politics.
  • Providing citizens with full access to local amenities such as bookstores, adult education, and transportation.
  • Encourage citizens to use health care services in any way that meets their medical, nursing, and therapeutic requirements.
  • Making it simple for tenants and their relatives and friends to express their dissatisfaction with any area of their care or services.
  • Assisting residents in fulfilling their responsibilities as members of a mutually dependent society as fully and diversely as they wish through volunteer work, religious ritual purity, involvement in associations, and charitable giving.


They set out to provide citizens with as many options as possible by accomplishing the following:

  • Resisting imposed timetables for tasks such as waking up and going to bed.
  • Giving inhabitants as many options as possible for what, where, when, and with whom they can eat and drink.
  • Providing a diverse choice of venues for residents to circulate and spend their time during the day, such as their rooms, activity areas, lounge, dining room, and outdoor areas such as gardens.
  • Avoiding lifestyle homogeneity in the house by honoring their inhabitants’ quirks, personal preferences, and idiosyncrasies as much as feasible.


They strive to guarantee that our residents’ ambitions and talents are met by accomplishing the following:

Organizing a broad schedule of cultural and social gatherings within the home, as well as facilitating residents’ involvement in outside activities of their choosing.

Making provisions for each person to participate freely in religious or spiritual activities, to commemorate important anniversaries and other festivals

Making a particular effort to comprehend and respond to any resident’s desire to engage in any ethnic event or activity.

Encourage residents to entertain family, friends, and others, and make sure the home provides welcome, suitable private amenities for such visits.

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