The 14 Best Graphic Design Portfolios We’ve Ever Seen

A portfolio of graphic design is among the most crucial elements that clients must see when selecting an artist — so that a portfolio is essential to demonstrate your skills as an artist.

A portfolio of graphic design, similar to as a resume, includes the necessary contact details, as well as any case studies that you would like to include from previous employers, graphic design has many benefits to businesses.

The majority of portfolios are now websites for graphic designers from logo design agency. This means they’re not just a method to communicate with clients. They also assist graphic designers create communities and showcase their work to potential customers around the globe.

What is a portfolio of graphic design require to be designed to be noticed? The top portfolios of graphic design today have these components:

  • Motion graphics
  • Video
  • Original illustrations
  • Animation
  • Product design
  • UX design
  • Ad campaigns
  • Storyboards
  • Brand identity

Let’s review some graphic design portfolio site examples to help inspire and encourage your portfolio creation. You might be a classic graphic designer, or you could be experimenting with new media. There’s something for all.

1. Morag Myerscough

The vibrant graphics, animations and clean designs makes this a fantastic portfolio of graphic design. This style is ideal for designers who want to master designs as a craft. It is also beneficial for designers taking on more challenging or site-specific projects.

Why we selected this portfolio of graphic design:Myerscough’s aesthetic is unique and this site that is primarily focused on images quickly displays her unique style.

The short sections of text connect her visual identity with her professional background, knowledge, and personal values. The site is made to appear to show the entire designer, and not just the work she performs for clients.

2. Heather Shaw


This portfolio site for graphic designers offers examples of web and book designs branding, as well as other designs. It’s ideal for designers working in a variety of media, but wish to create an overall portfolio.

We chose this portfolio of graphic design: Heather Shaw’s portfolio is very clear and easy to navigate. It showcases a variety of expertise and strategies for solving client problems, and it’s visually uniform.

The designer also employs texts effectively to explain the project as well as to inspire further involvement with the project.

3. Mohamed Samir


Samir’s work encompasses branding posters, typography, and printing design. Therefore, this graphic design portfolio concentrates on a small selection of winning designs.

This portfolio of graphic design can be found accessible on the website Behance. This is a great choice for graphic artists who need an online presence, but do not have the time to design their own site.

We love the website of a graphic designer: Besides the high quality of the work, the portfolio showcases an array of different ways to approach typography and style. However it demonstrates the same vision and enthusiasm in visual communications.

The design printed on the paper is also beautifully photographed. Although designers could’ve included an electronic file however, the images give an idea of the design’s final polish.

4. Gleb Kuznetsov


Kuznetsov’s portfolio mixes the design of products, user experience as well as graphic design to create a completely new. The portfolio on Dribble hosts more than 50 photos, which can seem overwhelming. However, they’re divided into seven simple projects.

This makes it an excellent graphic design portfolio for designers looking to showcase long-term or complicated projects.

This is an excellent illustration of a portfolio of graphic design web site Beginning with images and his short “About” statement, this designer has his own style and personality a an integral part of his work and also its design.

5. Chris Tammar


The best designers let their work speak for themselves. It’s a simplified portfolio of graphic design that draws attention to the client’s deliverables. If text is included this adds to the worth of the design, for instance, including other websites with their infographics. This is an excellent portfolio template for designers who do graphic design, such as:

  • Logo design
  • Packaging
  • Brochures for business customers

The reason we picked this portfolio of graphic design: This group of work is straightforward and straight clear. It also displays the wide array of abilities and techniques with a clear vision.

6. Sophia Yeshi


A clean layout and header highlight the work of this talented graphic designer.

The tiles are a reflection of the unique style of the designer You can click each tile to access more information about the project. This is a great option for designers looking to tell the full details behind each project and still make the website simple to navigate.

Why we like the website of a graphic designer: A distinct style is essential when it comes to graphic design. It isn’t easy to demonstrate how you can use that distinctive style to a business. Some major brands, like Google, Nike, and Comcast employ Yeshi’s unique style to communicate their brand.

The portfolio of this website clarifies that but still makes graphic design the main focus.

7. Stefanie Brueckler


This portfolio contains the design of packaging, illustrations and web design, in addition to branding and graphic design. We love this one of the graphic design websites due to its simple and clean.

It also provides a variety of various examples in a single glance. This is an excellent model for designers who aren’t certain how to arrange all of the work they wish to put within their portfolio.

We are in love with this graphic designer’s website instance: Bruckler’s graphic design portfolio is focused on the smallest of things to deliver an exceptional user experience. From simple animations that load pages to the clever utilization of motion graphic the designer is focused on the incredible particulars.

8. Chip Kidd


Book cover designer Chip Kidd’s graphic design portfolio website uses lightbox-style pop-ups. Pop-ups allow users to concentrate on the book’s cover. This is a clever method to focus on the images using an online graphic design website but still allowing users to look over everything at a glance.

Kidd utilizes a range of styles for book covers. It’s edited in a manner that makes the style appear natural and interesting rather than chaotic.

This is an outstanding illustration of a portfolio site for graphic designers site: The dark background allows this graphic designer’s style stand out. The simple navigation on the side allows users to navigate quickly to get more information regarding the artist and their work.

9. MDZ Design


The concise and engaging images in this graphic designer’s website offer visitors a glimpse at the execution and strategy.

MDZ Design also offers product design and strategy for customers. This is why their portfolio of graphic design an excellent example for strategy-oriented designers.

Why we like this graphic designer’s website illustration: The range of options this portfolio showcases could be confusing or overwhelming. Instead, it’s an opportunity to witness their approach to solving problems. It’s also easy to understand how their method produces results that benefit their clients.

10. Alex Trochut


The portfolio of graphic design also houses Trochut’s animations, product designs as well as music and NFTs. It’s an excellent model for multimedia artists looking to showcase their work on one website. It is also a great option for those who have a huge portfolio of work to showcase.

We enjoy this graphic designer site examples:The four-column layout of this site displays image thumbnails in a variety of dimensions. Each column is moved at a different speed as you scroll through the page.

The movement is dynamic and exciting , which reinforces the designer’s original ideas on type, color, and layout.

11. Tobias van Schneider


The graphic design portfolio site makes use of a variety of font dimensions and contrasts to highlight the concepts it conveys. This is an excellent strategy for entrepreneurs who want to design. It’s also a smart idea for anyone who collaborates as component of the design process.

Why we like this website by a graphic designer: A sticky header and large blocks of text and color make this graphic designer’s website intriguing to visit. The site also utilizes the right scale. It blends large images and tiny text to make clear every client’s work.

12. Kate Moross


Many ways can be used to put with a distinctive style, and this website for graphic design showcases the latest work of this designer and a complete archive of projects. This is an excellent illustration for designers who also work in illustration.

Why we selected this portfolio of graphic design Moross utilizes space effectively in this site. It’s simple to grasp a quick impression of the designer’s distinctive style. The easy navigation lets users narrow their search in order to focus on a particular type of work, such as hand-drawn type or editorial designs.

13. Ling K


LingK’s portfolio showcases their latest project, while also displaying different niches in the industry. The layout of the site lets potential clients quickly decide whether they’d like to collaborate with the designer.

The reason this is an excellent illustration of a portfolio for graphic design site: There are times when it is difficult to communicate the ways that campaign materials for an event of a high-level such as a wedding or conference, interact. The designer clearly shows the range and depth of work involved in each project , and helps you understand the importance of each item.

14. Nisha K. Sethi


Sethi’s portfolio is straightforward and easy to navigate. It shines a spotlight on every design. In addition, the “About” section also tells an engaging story that invites additional questions and discussions.

It’s tempting to inform your audience of everything you have on your site. A good portfolio must provide enough examples to encourage customers to contact you to learn about more. However, not too as to overwhelm. This website is an excellent illustration of providing just enough.


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