Top 5 Breathing Exercises for Singers

Breathing Exercises for Singers

Breathing with the diaphragm is not new, as many singers and vocal coaches will attest. But what singing classes and breathing exercises for singers are the best, and how can the right exercise help your singing? Well, singers must retrain their muscles and get back to the basics to relearn how to use their breath … Read more

Beginner Guide to Buying the First Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are known around the world for not requiring any additional sound amplification. You don’t need additional electric amplifier to amp up the sound. It is played naturally by plucking its steel strings with fingers. However, there are several factors that need to be considered before purchasing that first acoustic guitar. Making informed decision … Read more

Tips to Learn and Practice Drums More Efficiently

Music instruments are very much fun. These provide great activities to train the mind and body as well. Musical instrument learners and players develop many good skills as well. These will include increased social confidence, motor skills, enhanced learning ability, improved problem-solving skills, and more. Drums are available in many different sizes, types and music … Read more