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Several different types of structures require various steel materials, such as bars, sheets, plates, channels, angles, etc. What are these structures which are mainly erected using these materials? Such structures are warehouse, large store buildings, cold storage, and airport hangars amongst the others. These structures cover spaces and mostly developed using non-concrete walls and overhead roof. In railway stations or elevated metro stations concrete-less overhead shed is created for the passengers on the platform.

Stainless Steel Channels are used in all the above-mentioned types of structures in combination with steel bars, steel plates, and steel sheets. The main function of steel channels is to provide structural support to aforesaid building structures. Stainless steel is primarily preferred because of its strong resistance to corrosion and rusting. These are made for tough and corrosive environments. In structural applications, Stainless Steel Channels are used for platforms, skids, guides, tower support, stop-logs and several others.

For diverse application requirements, steel channels can be manufactured in various shapes, sizes and grades of steel. Two major shapes of steel channels are U-channel and C-channel. These names are given due to the moulded shape of the channels. The end of a U-channel resembles the letter u of English alphabet. The main difference between a U-channel and C-channel is that the inward moulding of U-channel is very sharp with the sides of the channel meeting the base at right angle. However, in C-channel inner wall of the sides are little curved.

Key Features

Stainless Steel Channels are made in SS304 and SS316 grades of steel. The steel grades are highly resistant to corrosion and rusting because of their high chromium content. The channels are known for yield strength of 25MPa (Mega Pascal) with a minimum tensile strength of 515MPa. Since the above-stated stainless steel grades also contain molybdenum and nickel apart from chromium, the channels are suitable for applications in a high chloride environments.

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