May 30, 2023


Sondai fort trekking is a must. Easy treks like this offer scenic views, especially during the monsoon season. The vast expanse of More Dam looks like the sea from above. You can also see Irshargado and Matheran from Sondai (if not cloudy) and also Karnala and Manikgad on very clear days. Come join me on another fascinating hike.

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How to get there from Mumbai?

Mumbai Local Train: The Local Train (Central Railway) is the cheapest and most convenient way to reach the Sondai fort trek in Mumbaikar, the base village of Sondaiwadi. Take the regular train to Karjat/Khopoli and get off at Karjat. Go straight to ST Bus Depot and take a bus bound for Panvel/Chouk/Rasayani where you can get off at Borgaon That.

There is no direct bus/rickshaw connection from Karjat to Sondaiwadi. There is no special transportation from Bolgaon Pata. Walk about 5 km along a scenic road from Bolgaon Pata to Sondaiwadi and start your trek from there. Alternatively, you can take a private rickshaw/tamtam from Karjat station to Sondaiwadi. It should cost around £500-600 round trip if bargaining is hard.

Private Car: Choose a car if comfort is your priority and you are traveling in a group. Sondaywadi is well connected to Mumbai by road and the journey takes about 2 hours. Add Sondai Fort or Sondewadi to Google Maps and drive this lovely long drive.

Murashiro is a small fortress, more like a watchtower than a fortress. Part of the Karjat or Matheran Mountains. A little-known fortress, the name of the fortress comes from the temple of the goddess on top of the mountain.

When you start hiking, you can see the peak you are aiming for. The entire trail is well marked all the way to the summit. The hike takes you through dense forest and takes you to the top of the fortress in about an hour. This is a relatively easy hike, but there are some rocky areas that require caution. Some of these rocks have steps carved in, but can be a bit tricky when it’s raining.

After about 40 minutes of trekking, we reach the plateau and return. Molvedum is there, arms outstretched like a map in an atlas, calm and peaceful. The summit of Irshargad can be seen in the distance in front of us, and the summit of Matheran on the right side fascinates the viewer.

To the left of the Morbe Dam is the smaller Vavarle Dam. From the plateau, you can see the iron ladder leading to the summit. On the left are his two water tanks carved into the rock, but they cannot be used as portable water. A further 10-minute climb from these reservoirs brings you to a rocky outcrop at the edge of the mountain. It’s about 15 feet of free climbing and requires a firm grip on your hands and feet.

Needless to say, be extra careful when going through this patch. After crossing the rocky area, an iron ladder takes you almost to the top of the fortress.

At the top of the fortress is a very small plateau where an idol of Goddess Sondaye sits quietly under a tree. It is recommended that you take off your shoes here. There are no structural remains of the fortress.

As per local during Diwali, the temple attracts people from the nearby villages to give their offerings to the Goddess. A ‘bhagwa’ orange flag with Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s face flutters high in the sky. There are no structural remnants of the fort.

There is nothing much to do on the top. ‘Nothing much to do’ however is an understatement when you have such breathtaking views on the palette around you while enjoying our packed lunches and appreciating the magnificence of nature.

And it was time to go down and go home, but before I could go home, I spent some time in the flowing waters of Molube Dam, a short distance from Sondewadi. It was a very fun and exciting hike. In my case only the lack of rain spoiled. The rain god escaped us on this hike and it was very hot and muggy as we breathlessly made our way up the mountain…but you can’t always get lucky, right?

the Trek is his best one day trek near Mumbai and Pune. Monsoon season is the best time to visit Sondai Fort

Sondai Fort is the best and ideal trek for beginners and novices.

Please bring ready-to-eat food, at least 2 liters of water, and a mat/sheet to rest on. There are no shops in Songdewadi, so it is recommended to buy everything you need at Karjat station or at home.

– Speak kindly and respectfully to local villagers. because you are their guest.

– Carry your ID

– There are no luxury hotels or homestays in the base village for sondai fort. So it is advisable to take a local villager as a guide and pay for breakfast and lunch. Also, you can leave your bag and take only what you need.

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