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1. Andie Mitchell

Following a weight loss of 135 pounds Andie Mitchell keeps her health in check and provides self-help advice with tasty recipes. All of them are compiled into a stunning diet blog.

The carefully crafted words of Her New York Times bestseller “It Was Me All Along” is also awe-inspiring and inspiring, as the book’s description explains “A heartbreakingly honest, endearing memoir of incredible weight loss by a young food blogger who battles body image issues and overcomes food addiction to find self-acceptance.”

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Andie’s most recent project “Eating in the Middle: A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook” includes 80 recipes that reflect her ethos of balancing the two aspects of health and joy.

2. Authentically Emmie

Authentically Emmie began as the Skinny Emmie which is basically the kind of “how I lost weight” blog. Although she has lost 110 pounds, she’s now focusing on getting back to her normal weight and living a healthy life with the body she has now.

Emmie’s blog is distinctive for many reasons. One, her humorous style of writing is sure to attract readers, and, secondly, you’ll observe her love for style and the social web. However, beneath, Emmie is a devoted and hardworking blogger who takes one day at a stretch to achieve her personal “healthy weight.” Using Slimtop 60 for weight loss.

3. Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Looking to “shape up” for her wedding, but also wanting an actual change in her lifestyle, Tina began a newfound path. After putting together a binder with exercises and recipes, she was looking for an easier method of keeping in order.

So, Carrots “N’ Cake”!

In what started as a hotspot for accountability, it evolved into an online resource that shared simple, but effective and effective workouts and recipes with her followers. (All with permission to enjoy delicious and exciting desserts – like cake – in the context of moderate consumption!)

Tina also offers nutritional menu plans as well as meal delivery subscriptions as well as advice on beauty and travel.

4. Comeback Momma

Comeback Momma is more than a weight loss blog, but also an inspiration to “women to constantly strive to find the best within themselves.”

In the process of losing more than 50 pounds post-baby and recovering from postpartum depression two times, Jenn shares what helps her be the very best mother, wife as a wife, mother, and wife that she could be. Jenn and Chrissy, the author of Comeback Momma, focus content on everything family, fitness, health, entertainment, food, travel and even beauty.

5. Diane Carbonell

After a weight loss of 158 pounds and maintaining the weight loss for more than 16 years, Diane has turned into an specialist in the area in weight-loss and maintaining.

The author and author of “150 Pounds Gone Forever,” Diane also uses her blog on the internet to offer tips on how to balance family and health. There is a follow-up book planned and is teaching her own class on weight loss “Fit to the Finish.”

Diane’s writing has been featured in various media outlets, such as Shape magazine, Woman’s World magazines, and many others praising Diane as an example to lose weight!

6. Fit2Fat2Fit

Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit grew his following after choosing to lose 60 pounds of fat in 6 months.

7. The Fitnessista

Gina has started “The Fitnessista” after losing 40 pounds and going into maintenance mode. Gina provides postpartum fitness plans and fitness guidelines that encompass a wide range of exercises. She is certified as an accredited personal trainer and a group fitness teacher.

The book by Gina “HIIT IT!” is design to maximize fitness and reduce the most valuable resource: Time. Fitnessista aims to maximize fitness while minimizing the most valuable resource: time. Fitnessista will also be busy recording “Healthy in Real Life,” where she gives professional interviews and advice to apply today.

She also talks about a range of recipes and stories as a wife and the mother of two.

8. Meals and Miles

Being active from an early age, Meghann believe she could eat what she desire and not suffer the benefits. However, she took charge of her life and made changes to make it better after realizing she was deleting pictures of herself when she notice changes.

On her Facebook page, she shares recipes, weight-lifting tips along with other pieces of advice. Viewers can also be motivate by her journey to and completing the Ironman!

9. No Thanks to Cake

Since 2010, when she first start documenting her journey, blogger Kelly has been on a weight-loss quest. Since then, she’s shift the weight loss aspect of her blog and turn it to eating healthy and maintaining a cooking blog.

No Thank You to Cake includes tasty recipes, healthy living adventure stories, and travel tales that will inspire you not just to lose weight, but also to live your most fulfilling life!

10. Preppy Runner

Theodora’s love for social media has given readers with a blog that is full of running tips and inspiration, as well as an active lifestyle in New York City. Additionally, she 50 pounds and develop an interest in healthy eating and exercise, as well as herself.

She acknowledges that while attempting to improve her health, she had to deal with weight gain, mental health problems, and grieving difficulties. Her constant openness and honesty, though, make her very likeable. click here :


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