Simple Duck Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids children might not always understand that you, as a parent, cannot accomplish everything. Adults have a diverse range of abilities. However, your little child strongly believes you can complete any task because of your extensive experience.

Here is a straightforward drawing tutorial showing you how to draw a duck; if you have kids that think you can draw anythingFollowingng these simple instructions, you can draw a duck for your always-trusting child.

This bird is like a rubber duck. But if you adhere to the simple directions, you could create cute ducks for your kids. Your child can then fully express their artistic side after that. Alternatively, beginners can use Drawing For Kids instruction as a drawing lesson to learn the basics of forms and line work. Enjoy!

Step By Step Duck Drawing

Build an Eye:

  • First, make a crooked circle to represent the duck’s eye. Create a second tiny circle inside the first one. The orientation of this smaller circle should indicate in which direction you want the duck to be staring. An eyebrow can be added by adding a curved line over the larger circle.

Grow the mind:

  • In this stage, you must sketch the head and the eye. The eye should be pointed in the general direction of the left side of the head shape. Draw a type of lightbulb shape around the eye and up above it, as seen in the illustration. Do not shut the opening at the bottom that resembles a lightbulb; this will serve as the duck’s neck.

Include the beak:

  • I picture drawing a half-banana or crescent moon for the duck’s bill. The upper part of the beak should be drawn as a half-banana form, with the curve going upward toward the top of the page.
  • To indicate the bottom of the beak, draw a smaller half-banana beneath the larger one; this shape should slope downward toward the bottom of the page. Despite diverging from one another at their ends, the two figures should firmly merge at their heads.

Develop Your Body:

  • Before creating the rest of the duck’s body, draw a half-circle C shape from the base of the neckline around to represent the duck’s chest. Then, starting from the base of the C, carry on the line that gradually reaches beyond the head and curls upward toward the tip of the tail.
  • Add a wavy line from the tip of the tail to the back of the duck’s head to complete the main body of the bird. Due to the upward slope, the tail will appear to have tail feathers.

Get a Wing:

  • The next step involves drawing the wing within the duck’s body. Start by drawing a crooked straight line over to the right. Then, make a fishhook-shaped bend toward the duck’s head on this line. Together, these two lines should produce a shape that resembles wings. To finish it up, add horizontal lines to represent the wing feathers.

How to Draw a Duck in Easy Steps!

Since they typically reside in wet locations like ponds and rivers, ducks are frequently referred to as “waterfowl.” Depending on the species and proper care, ducks can live up to 20 years. The amount of daylight has an impact on egg production. The ducks will lay more eggs when there is more daylight. These skilled swimmers have waxy, impermeable feathers that cover an inner layer of down to keep them warm and dry. While some duck species may dive as deep as 240 feet, others can soar up to 21,000 feet. They can travel at speeds of up to 60 mph and far distances with the aid of the wind.

Create the head and the body:

  • Draw the body and head of the duck first. Make a little oblong on the paper’s upper right side to do this. Then, draw a huge oblong in the center. This will serve as the body for your duck.

Embrace the Neck:

  • Now that the body and head are finished let’s create the duck’s neck to connect them. Draw this starting with the left side of the head and working down to the torso. Start the line at the lower right corner of the head and extend it down to the torso on the opposite side.

Create a tail and a beak:

  • To help the duck obtain a beak, let’s sketch one. Draw a rough line from the top right corner of the skull downward, gently sloping at the bottom. Then, on the lower third of the right side of the head, draw another line, and bend the bottom slightly. This lower pick needs to be longer than the upper beak.
  • Then, draw an upside-down V in the concentrate of the two lines to connect them. Drawing For Kids the tail on the left side of the body, draw an erratic shape; the reference image will help you achieve the desired shape.

Creation of the Feather and Eye Guide:

  • We’ll donate our duck’s tail feathers this time. To do this, connect the previously drawn tail with an up-down stroke. Refer to the reference photo above to find the perfect feather for the tail. The upper boundary of this upward-descending stroke won’t go beyond the third-step curve line. Then draw a tiny circle in the center of the head.


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