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Quickly Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x97

Epson printers are one of the most popular all over the globe. Their models are well-known due to their performance and consistency. Quality of printing. However, each driver or printer comes with specific faults. Mechanical and technical faults can occasionally be found due to reasons beyond our reach. The error code 0x97, may be the most frequent issue users experience when using Epson printers.

Have you ever experienced an error of this kind using an Epson WF-3640 printer or another Epson model? This particular issue is annoying, and many Epson users have complained about this issue. There is an easy solution to this issue that we will discuss in the future.

What is an Epson Printer error code?

Printers used for long periods might encounter the Epson WF-3640 error message 0x97. This issue occurs without warning or notification, and there’s no way to prevent it. It compromises the fundamental functions of your printer by disrupting a signal that permits it to turn off and on. It will be impossible to use the printer until the problem is fixed.

The Epson trouble code 0x97 appears on the LCD of the printer. When printing, an error is detected that causes the printer to stop working suddenly. It typically affects Epson WorkForce Series models WF-3640 (Epson 252 Ink), WF-4630 (Epson 786 Ink) or WF-7610.

What is the reason for An Epson Error Code 0x97?

If you find an internal issue with your printer’s hardware and notice it will display the Epson error code, 0x97 is used as a signal. It could be caused by a motherboard issue or internal component malfunction. The problem at the top of the screen indicates that one of the printer’s internal components isn’t working correctly.

Don’t worry if you receive the Epson error code 0x97 when you print on your WF-3640 or other WorkForce printers. Before you bring your printer to a repair shop, attempt the basic troubleshooting steps listed below. ..

Simple Steps to Fix Error Code 0x97

Epson Printer Error Code 0x97 indicates caused by an internal component of Epson printers. The LCD screen of the printer displays the error code 0x97. This error code from Epson printer Code 0x97 occurs in an unexpected process, causing the printer to stop the printing job or shut down the printer. One of the causes for Epson Printer Error Codes 0x97 in the printer is an issue with your motherboard. Since Epson Error Code 0x97 can be due to a hardware issue, You can quickly fix it by following the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Solution 1: Unplug and Plugin the Printer

The first step is to look inside the printer’s enclosure to see whether any paper materials are blocked. If there are any straps of paper there, take them off with care.

Remove all your printer cartridges and disconnect all of the printer’s USB cords. Switch off the printer by pressing the power button.

• After a couple of seconds, Connect all the USB cables removed from the printer.

* Now, turn on the printer and see whether the error 0X97 has been fixed.

If the issue persists, go to solution 2.

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Solutions 2: Disconnect and Plug your Printer in reverse

This is the reverse of solution 1. You can tell if the problem resulted from internal hardware issues or not with this method. ..

To start, switch off your device by pressing the power button. Then, remove any USB cables.

* Wait for 5 minutes before pressing the power button on the printer for longer than 1 minute.

* Then, while pressing the power button, it connects to all your USB cables.

After plugging in all the cables and pressing the power button, wait a further minute.

* Connect the power cord and switch off power on the switch.

Check if the error is apparent. If Epson Error Code 0x97 persists, you can try solution number three. ..

Solutions 3. Clean the clogged Epson printer nozzles by using wet Tissues

• Disconnect all power cables.

* Now, open the case of your printer and wash a soft, clean cloth in ammonia-based cleaner.

The cloth under the print head then moves toward the center.

Solution 4: Update Epson Printer Driver

If you suspect malware could be at fault for the error code 0x97, you must update the driver first. It is also essential to know that the Epson printer error code of 0x97 can result from an incompatible or obsolete driver for your printer. The best advice we can offer you is to download the latest version of the driver that is compatible with your device. We’ve provided a guideline for updating the latest version of the Epson drivers for printers on Windows and OS X in the sections below. You may like to read on if you’re using either of these.


Epson error code of 0x97 could be a problem for the device at any time. It is possible to save the Epson printer from its plight by knowing the remedies below. Also, look over the sections at the start of the blog to learn more about the issue 0x97 and its effect on your device, as well as the reasons that could cause it to occur—Epson printer.

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