PUBG MOBILE APK Download for Android

PUBG Mobile apk is also known as the most successful game of the years because of its install and download which are growing day by day and have also 400 Millions of active users across the 200 countries was amazing. It also has 30 Millions of daily online active users. It is most famous because the socially connected to each other’s users can easily share with social media friends their group can join with friends that’s why it becomes most famous easily. Users kill time easily with enjoyment, easily can share loots items bullets health with each other’s. Players can continuously talk with each other which can create amazing interaction with each other’s. In the game, you can help your friend and he can with you with the loots and health etc.


What New in the PUBG 

The old version also good but here we have some new features in in this v 18.3 which are the following

PUBG Mobile APK Features

  1. Infection Mode

Here in infection mode you will be have Asymmetric PVP mode mean where you will have players are divided into Zombies and Defenders when you started the game at beginning

In this version Defenders will have Fire arms but in the opposite it zombies will be have and can use melee attacks and also will have ability to cooldowns the fire of the defenders. Easily zombies revive after being killed on the other hand Defender will turn into zombies.

If all defenders are infected then zombies will win also defender can will if one of them survived at the given time.

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Users or players can customize easily zombie from control or quick chat which you have

But here you will have infection only on in room mode.

  1. New Character System:

In the initial first victor new character is available to players for free you can collect him from the Character workshop

You will have vector skill reduces SMG and reload time. The skills of victor will be work in EvoGround and it will not affect the classic mode balance.

Here the Victor has exclusive outfits and with the legendary Conquest is also the best one.  To level up just need to collect the materials and unique emotes and voices updated then.

You can level up your victor by playing in matches there are some special reward for every one level.

  1. Daily Mission System Update

While playing the game mean reducing the missions easily upgrade the rewards.

Get daily missions no need to login to mission it will released randomly. User or player can easily switch to other random missions.

Fix some Bugs and Problems

  • Updated User Friendly User interface
  • New Backgrounds
  • New lights and effects easily adjusted camera angle
  • Also fixed some bugs which are related to when player climbing jumping
  • While playing sometime the character stuck in the inner side so also fixed that as well

Some Great Features

  1. Unlimited UC
  2. Wallhack
  3. Unlimited Battle points
  4. Automatic Aiming
  5. No Fog Within the game
  6. Unlock all skins
  7. Rapid Fire Abilities
  8. No Recoil in place
  9. 100% Safe not BAN
  10. Easy to use user friendly
  11. PUBG Mobile Mode APK easily working installing on all devices
  12. You will never ever need of root your device for this

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How to Install APK and OBB

  1. First of all just delete or uninstall PlayStore Version of PUBG Mobile App which you have already installed on the phone just delete it now for this setup
  2. Now go to setting icon of your phone search for security and when click on security you will see more menus so search Unknown source and on it mean click on it and it will on after clicked
  3. Now you will need to download the PUBG MOD APK from here given links of apk and obb as well install first apk and click “allow from this this source” if your device asked for it
  4. Now you will also have OBB as well which you downloaded from the given link in this post just Unzip or extract the OBB and past or put the OBB in the given path

You can see in the following screenshots as well

in the first screenshot you can see the menu where you will find My File or you will have file explorer in you phone maybe so click on it.

Now you are in File explorer of your phone you will see many option here you need to click on the Storage mean Internal or External storage which you have available.

Now you are in internal storage of you phone you will see many menus here so you need to search for locate for  >> Android Folder now click on this folder .

When you entered to Android now you can easily see the OBB Folder as well which is highlighted for you in the below image just click on this if you can’t find this folder you need to search for it it must be available in every folder.

Now finally you are in the OBB Folder here you can see many folder but do not worry just past it here which you copy the in the above instruction

  1. Now your PUBG mode is ready just open it and Agree and Terms and Conditions and enjoy the new mod and its features here.

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