May 30, 2023

Before these times, frauds could be only seen in dramas and films. However, now it is common everywhere, especially in the immigration sector. With the drastic increase in scam cases in this field, people fear trusting anyone. Nowadays, some fraudsters claim that they are the top consultants in the town. They promise to support you at each phase, take the money and go away. It is not easy for anyone to bear such a huge loss.

That’s why there is a need to follow some precautions to save yourself from fraud. For your safety, we have rounded some great tips you can follow to protect yourself from immigration fraud. To ensure everything goes right during the visa process, make sure to do proper research in order to choose the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar.

Here are some steps you must follow to protect yourself from immigration fraud:

Beware of a strange email address

An authorized immigration consultancy never uses a strange email address. If you receive an email from an immigration consultancy that seems vulnerable with an unreliable link, don’t ever try to open that link. The link might ask for your personal information and bank details. If you fill in these details, you will fall into the trap of these fraudsters and may lose a huge sum of money. So, don’t risk your personal information by providing crucial details. However, if the immigration consultancy has a legitimate and official email address and doesn’t ask for crucial data, you can trust that visa consultancy.


Whatsapp payment request

Remember that a reliable immigration consultant won’t ask you to make payment via a chat app. Trustworthy immigration consultants only use chat apps to stay in touch with their clients in order to ask about their requirements and other required data. They only ask to pay through a secure authorized payment mode. So if an immigration consultant sends you a payment link through insecure mode, don’t make payment. Immediately block that immigration consultant and go for other options.


Don’t sign blank forms

Nobody is a bigger fool than you if you sign a blank form given by an immigration consultant. If you sign a blank form, you are pushing yourself into the trap of fraudsters. Make sure the form has all the details on it. Properly read and understand what is written on the form before you sign anything. If you are unable to understand the form, you can take your lawyer with you. If your lawyer refuses to sign, make sure to leave that consultancy immediately. However, if you are receiving a detailed form with all the information on it, you can sign that form after reading. Once done, make sure to take a photocopy of the form you signed for future evidence.


Avoid free immigration services

Do you think someone is kind enough to offer you free immigration services? Obviously not! It is just a trap if an immigration consultant promises you to offer free services and free accommodation abroad. Once you shake hands with them, they will take your documents and demand money from you. They won’t give you your original documents until you pay the money. So, it is better to avoid free services and choose the one who has goodwill in the entire market.


Say no to cash payments

You must know that you won’t get any evidence of cash payments. So what will you do if you need to show proof of your payment? Remember that fraud immigration consultants always convince you to make cash payments even if you want to transfer online money. On the contrary, a reliable immigration consultant will prioritize your preference. In some cases, a reputable immigration consultant only accepts online payments through a debit card or through cheque. This way, you can immediately get an idea of whether the consultant is trustworthy or not.
Now, you are aware of the way to choose between a reliable and fraud immigration consultant. So, make sure to consider these points to protect yourself from scams during your Canada visa application and find the best Canada visa consultant for you.


Wrapping up

To wrap up, you need to think twice before relying upon anyone for your visa application. Take proper measures and consider the points mentioned in this article to protect yourself from immigration fraud.

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