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The Bently Nevada proximity probe and transducer system are primarily used in the oil and gas industries to measure the vibration of equipment. This system is also used to monitor the equipment’s speed and temperature. This system protects the equipment by continuously monitoring its vibrations, speed, shaft position, and temperature.

The length and size/diameter of the sensor probe tip define the different types of systems for vibration, speed, and position measurement. We’ll talk about the most common system.

In the field, three components of the vibration, speed, and position measurement system are installed: a proximity probe, an extension cable, and a proximitor module. There are three probe tip sizes available: 5 mm, 8 mm, and 11 mm (most commonly used). Similarly, various lengths are available, including 1 meter, 5 meters, 7 meters, and 9 meters.

How will you know whether the combination you have is compatible or not? Know more.

Bently Nevada Proximitor probe systems

In industrial plants, proximity probe systems based on eddy current technology are common. Non-contacting eddy current systems for condition monitoring measurement and/or automatic machine trip shutdown are likely to be found wherever a medium or highly critical machine is in operation. These machines are protected and monitored by the Baker Hughes Bently Nevada Proximitor probe system. Quality, reliability, and ease of use have been top priorities since Don Bently invented and pioneered the use of the eddy current Proximitor probe in the late 1960s.

Baker Hughes Bently Nevada product line has manufactured and tested over 2 million 3300XL systems since 1999. Baker Hughes is constantly fine-tuning to provide consistency, to full access to statistical process control. For root cause analysis, data is based on serial numbers dating back decades. That is an unrivaled level of knowledge.

What does interchangeability mean?

Probes, cables, and Proximitor sensors in proximity probe systems can be easily interchanged without the need for calibration or special tools.The 3300XL 8 mm system, for example, is the most popular line of Bently Nevada proximity probe systems. Interchangeability means that a plant can easily swap out 3300XL 8mm probes, cables, and Proximitors without affecting output in any way, such as gap voltage or direct vibration.

Interchangeability is a significant benefit. Each probe, cable, and Proximitor had to be tuned to match one another in a unique set in the early days of eddy current system development. A calibrated match was required whenever a component of the system needed to be replaced. This meant that each vibration point on a machine might require its own spare. On a typical four-bearing machine, the plant may need to stock or calibrate a wide range of spares, which is an expensive, complex, and time-consuming task.

3300/16, 3500/93, 3500/25, 3500/22M, 133819-01, 146031-01, 125800-01 are some examples of Bently Nevada parts.

Bently Nevada Vibration System Verification

Let us examine this. Assume the part numbers of three components installed in your plant are as follows.

Vibration Probe: 330904-08-15-10-02-IN
Extension cable: 330930-060-02-IN
Proximitor: 330980-71-IN

Now,System length = Probe Length + Extension Cable Length


– Vibration Probe: 330904-08-15-10-02-IN

10/10=1 meter (1)

-Extension cable: 330930-060-02-IN

060/10=6 meters (2)


-Proximitor: 330980-71-IN


We can calculate the probe length from the vibration probe part number by dividing the highlighted red number by 10, i.e. 10/10 = 1 meter in our case. We can now calculate the extension cable length from the extension cable part number by dividing the highlighted red number by 10, i.e. 060/10 = 6 meters in our case.

System length = probe length + extension cable length, so system length should be 6+ 1 = 7 meters.

To check, subtract the first digit of the highlighted red number from the proximitor’s part number, which in our case is 7.

Our system length is 7 meters, as confirmed by the part number of the proximitor shown in the above image. Also, as the connector type is 02 in our case, the number highlighted in blue should match in the probe and extension cable part numbers.

This type of system verification will assist us in determining whether or not the installed Bently Nevada vibration and temperature protection system was properly installed.

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