Why mercedes oil change Are So Expensive Here Are the Top Reasons in Dubai

Mercedes oil change is known for producing high-end automobiles. Additionally, it is a reliable brand of automobiles, both in terms of quality and performance. But why are oil changes for Mercedes-Benz vehicles so prohibitively expensive? A single oil change can cost anywhere between $200 and $300, but you can receive the same service for other expensive models, such as Lexus, for a fraction of the price, mercedes oil change.

The Reasons behind the High Cost of Changing the Oil in a Mercedes-Benz:

If you change your own oil at home instead of paying someone else to do it, you can save your costs significantly. But that is a completely different tale. This time, we will make it a point to investigate the possible causes behind the inflated cost of the service.

The Superiority of the Oil in Question:

Fuels that comply with European (ACEA) criteria and have ratings of A3/B3 or A3/B4 are used in the production of each and every car that is built in Germany. These are synthetic-grade motor oils, and their price is significantly more than that of conventional motor oils. In order to operate properly, Mercedes automobiles require fuel that satisfies the standards outlined in the Mercedes 229.5 manual. Therefore, the high price of fuel is one factor that adds to the high price tags associated with oil changes for mercedes oil change.

Larger Capacity for the Fuel:

The majority of automobiles produced in Germany have fuel tanks that are significantly larger in capacity compared to those produced in Japan, the United States, and other nations. The price goes rise if you have to buy extra oil in order to get the tank to its full capacity.

Different Oil Changing Method:

When you are changing the oil in your car, you need to make sure that you empty the pan of its contents first. On the other hand, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s engine must have its oil drained periodically. The fact that this method requires both specialised knowledge and high-priced vacuum equipment contributes significantly to the overall cost.

Extra Services:

Changing the oil does not indicate that all that has been done is change the oil. The auto technician will inspect multiple components of the vehicle, such as the fuel filter, oil filter, and cupe filter, and replace them if necessary. At the very least once each year, these filters should be inspected and then replaced. In addition to that, you need to add the price of labour, replacing the wiper blades, rotating the tyres, and washing the automobile.


When it comes to oil changes for your Mercedes-Benz, going to an authorised dealer will cost you more money than going to an independent repair shop. The reason the dealer’s prices are higher is because they have to spend more money on the repair shop, on upkeep, and on paying the salaries of a large army of trained and certified technicians. Additionally, locating a trustworthy repair shop can be rather challenging and does not ensure that you will receive the same high-quality service that the dealership does.

Is There Any Way That the Costs Can Be Reduced?

The option is either to take the vehicle to a garage that specialises in automotive repair or to change the oil on your own. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let the high cost of the Mercedes-Benz oil changes concern you an excessive amount. When compared to the price of changing the oil in other makes and models of cars, you will discover that it is quite cost-effective. The typical annual mileage driven by Americans is close to 12,000 miles. After 3,000 to 5,000 miles, most vehicles require an oil change; this equates to four oil changes in a single year for the average vehicle. On the other hand, you only have to do it once a year for a Mercedes-Benz because the automobiles use higher-quality synthetic oil, and their gasoline tanks are larger than average.

Know your bill:

You might already be aware of this, but the price of oil accounts for the majority of the entire cost of an oil change in a Mercedes-Benz. When changing the oil in an engine with the level of high performance offered by a Mercedes-Benz, a quantity of Mobil 10W/40 synthetic oil ranging from 7 to 9 litres must be used. This quantity must be used for each time the engine’s oil is changed. The price of oil can range anywhere from eight to twelve dollars per litre, depending on the specifications of the engine, and you will need to dig into your wallet to pay for it.

In addition, if you’ve ever wondered, “how much does it cost to change the oil in a Mercedes?” the answer is that each oil change requires a fleece filter, which comes at an additional cost. Changing the Mercedes-Benz oil with a cheaper paper filter rather than a fleece filter has the potential to lower the overall expense, but this option is not recommended.

The age of the engine in your Mercedes-Benz is the final factor that defines the kind of oil that should be changed. For instance, all modern engines, including those that are turbocharged or supercharged, need fully synthetic oil like Mobil 1, whereas older engines can only function properly when they are lubricated with mineral-based oil. When it comes to older models of Mercedes-Benz engines, none of the drivers should ever switch to synthetic oil. visit us


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