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Medical School Admissions: How To Stand Out And Get Accepted

Every science student sees a dream of medical admission and expects their future in a Doctor’s coat. But the reality is only 40% of the students win this race. The admission percentage is lower because there is high competition during the whole process of medical admission. Only those students beat the competitors who prepare themselves ideally for each step. This article will teach you how to secure a medical seat.

Stages of Medical Admission

Before moving towards the method to win the game, you must know how many stages you must pass through when you want medical admission. There are three main steps for accessing to medical institute;

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Entry Test (BMAT or UCAT)
  3. Medical Interview

What should I do to beat all the steps?

Your preparation and other factors are necessary to beat all three stages brilliantly. Let’s discuss them in detail.

· Write an attractive Personal Statement

The first step to giving an ideal impression is to write and submit an endearing Personal Statement. It is your admission application in which you provide information about your previous studies, experiences, and curricular and co-curricular activities. Including these factors, showing your enthusiasm and hunger for a medical degree is essential. Excellent Personal Statements for medicine must have the following features;

  1. Attractive layout
  2. Suitable length
  3. Fact-based information
  4. Correct grammar and sentence structure

· Ace the Entry Test

When an institute accepts and passes your Personal Statements for medicine, they forward your information to the next group that invites you to appear in an entry test. According to the rules of the targeted university, the entry test may be a UCAT or BMAT. You must know the entry test’s structure and tone for excellent performance. Also, you can get a good score with proper preparation and intelligent implementations. There is nothing about cramming in UCAT or BMAT; you need to learn how to use your brain within a limited time and give an accurate answer to the question.

· Win the Medical Interview

After getting good scores in UCAT or BMAT, you will receive a call for a medical interview. It is the last and most challenging phase of medical admission. You will have to answer the questions asked by interview committee members. Your confidence, body language, talking manners, answering methods, and energetic behavior are mandatory during the medical interview. It would be best if you were well-practiced to impress your interviewers through an excellent presentation.

Prepare yourself from The Future Medic

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