May 30, 2023

Getting your new house is news of joy, but it has some hard parts too. You may want to home renovation as per your tastes and preferences. You can seek expert help and make the changes accordingly. 

In a new house, there is a lot of decoration and design involved. Some decoration may be applied, some renovation, and other vital aspects. You have to be alert and aware while getting your house renovated. 

As a homeowner, you can hire a designer and other professionals to work on your new house while you can sit back and enjoy.

The other side of home renovation

But there are a few things that you should take care of as an owner and not leave it up to the professionals. 

Also, you can borrow instant loans for home improvement to fund your home renovation efficiently. 

If you understand the pitfalls of getting your house renovated, you can get things done correctly. Though it can be overwhelming, patience is the key. 

Mistakes to avoid for your home renovation

If you are getting your home renovated, try to look at the following ways and implement the same during the process. 

Do not start the renovation process too soon

If you have been living in your house for quite a long, think twice before deciding on home renovation. Your soul resides in your house, so be informed while going for home renovation. 

Get the budgeting right

Most of the renovation or improvement jobs take time and stretch longer than expected. Similarly, the costs involved in the project may exceed its timelines. 

In case of insufficient funds, do not plan for your home renovation. Do not get initiated with the process if you feel you may fall short of funds in the middle of the process. 

With insufficient funds, you may have to borrow loans and fund the remaining process. Getting into debt is not a good idea. Hence, be prepared for it. 

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Do not expect the process as per your plan

Working on a building may attract unforeseen events. Be prepared for the unplanned events that may occur in between the process. 

Although the construction work is planned and controlled by professionals, there is always a loophole for a contingency. Be prepared for the unexpected and be patient once you start the renovation process.

Not hiring an expert at the start

Plan a renovation and, at the same time, hire an expert as well. Avoid hiring an expert in the middle of the process. 

Firstly, it may cost you a considerable amount, and secondly, there can be a discrepancy in the process due to differences of opinion. Get the expertise from the very beginning and enjoy a hassle-free process. 

Opting for the lowest bid

Do not use the lowest bid available just to save a few pounds. Sometimes, saving money may bring huge losses, and you may have to pay double the money you were trying to save. 

Hire the right people

Hire a designer that you feel is ethical and knows aesthetics well. 

Do not hire a designer that does not ask you about your needs and preferences and slams their ideas and thoughts onto you without taking into consideration your preferences. 

While hiring professionals, always go by their listening skills. 

Not crosschecking with the references

Before hiring any professional, crosscheck with at least 3 of their previous clients. They are in a good state to give their feedback to the designer. 

They can tell you about their professionalism, level of expertise, and other important skills. Also, visit their previous work sites to check on the completed projects. 

These sites can tell you the level of cleanliness and vibe to help you make an informed decision. 

Not receiving information

It is your house, and you know all the things about it. Do not feel hesitant to ask too many questions. This will help you be aware and alert during the process and the spending money involved. 

It is your hard-earned money, so you have the right to know where it is going and how it is being utilized. You should know the whys and whats.

Getting done too many changes

During the process, you may feel that some changes are small and can be done quickly. But actually, these changes may cost you a hefty amount and are not small. 

For example, getting a light switch at some place sounds like an easy one but may cost you at least £1,500. 

Not giving a deadline

Every work has a deadline and should be followed while in the process. Chalk out things with your contractor and set a deadline for every work. 

Ask for the list of deadlines for all the processes started. You should not end up in an odd situation where you may have guilt later on.

Do not underestimate psychological stressors

Do not underestimate the stress of psychological factors. Many a time, people focus on a small birdhouse. But your approach and ideas may be different from your designer’s ideas and approaches. 

Your thoughts should be in sync with the designer’s ideas to maintain harmony between you two. 

12. Compromising on the quality of important things

You have to touch and see surfaces and places every day. Do not compromise on money on such things and get the best material for it, such as faucets, kitchen cabinets, door hardware, appliances, and many other essential things. 

With everyday experiences with these surfaces, you should feel the worth of your money spent and not regret it. 


Whenever you are going for a home renovation, always estimate the cost involved and the amount of satisfaction it will give you. 

Weigh both things and sides and then go for the best deal to get the best worth for your money. Your house is a prized possession and should be taken seriously at every step.