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York University

One of the fourth-largest public research universities in Toronto, Canada, is York University, widely known as YorkU. The number of students attending this university was very small, but with the improvement in quality of education and teachings, these numbers have increased tremendously. These numbers are not only from the nationals, but international students also apply for various programs every year.

Various faculties and programs at York have received notable recognition all over the world, and these faculties are comparable with the Top-ranked university faculties in Canada. The number of programs offered at this university is higher than many universities in Canada, with 120 undergraduate programs in total. All the international students can apply for any degree type and faculty if they fall under the eligibility criteria.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the list of faculties for which you can apply for your required degree and program at York.

Top 6 Faculties to Consider at York University

York University has a total of twelve faculties, and all the international and national students are eligible to apply for these faculties. Getting admission to these faculties is surely open to everyone or to approximately 150 countries, but you also have to be competent to secure admission. You must know well about these faculties before applying to ensure you fit well in the programs offered under these faculties.

Following are some of the most popular faculties you should consider for your degree at York University.

1. Faculty of environmental change

Students interested in studying and management of geography and geographical changes can consider this faculty. At York University, it is not necessary to apply for a full degree or program; you can also apply for a certificate degree program. The faculty of environmental and urban changes faculty offers various subjects to master or apply for a certificate degree. Students with a lack of guidance and support can ask for the help of study abroad consultants in Islamabad to secure a seat in any of the programs.

2. Faculty of Education

From undergraduate and graduate to diploma programs, all are offered under the faculty of education. Those who are interested in education and teaching in their future must benefit from this faculty. You can study early childhood education programs and culture and teaching programs at York University. These programs will be offered in both French and English language, and you must apply for them depending upon your proficiency in each language.

3. Faculty of Science

There are vast programs available under the faculty of science from technical education to other science subjects you will be able to find all the science programs that you like to study. Whether it be Bsc and Msc in mathematics or whether it be biology or biochemistry York university has everything you need. Some other programs that you can study or apply for are mentioned below.

  • Biomedical science
  • Biophysics
  • Biotechnology
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer science

4. Faculty of liberal arts

With the improvement in the quality of education and increase in the number of opportunities in the field of art, students are more willing to apply for art subjects. The faculty of liberal arts and professional studies at art is among the top faculties with its wide range of programs and future opportunities. Some of the subjects offered under the faculty of arts and professional studies are as follows.

  • Creative writing
  • Criminology
  • Cross-disciplinary certificate in public history
  • Disaster and emergency management
  • East Asian studies
  • economics

5. Faculty of health

If you want to become a health instructor or a coach, the first thing you need is to learn about health and health management. At York University, you will learn about the social health initiatives, problems, and their root cause. Some of the subjects for which you can apply are as follows.

  • Health informatics
  • Health industry management
  • Health psychology
  • Health services financial management
  • Kinesiology and health science
  • Neuroscience

6. Faculty of law

Students interested in studying law at international universities can consider York university as one of the choices. At the law schools, you will be able to study undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. degrees. It is the best opportunity for students to master programs like international law, tax law, and much more. If you are interested in studying and do not know where to start, then hire the services of study abroad consultants in Islamabad to guide you throughout the admission process.

Apply to the relevant faculty!

After you have read and inspected every faculty thoroughly, it is time you decide which program you should apply for. Make sure you are applying to the relevant faculty and program that matches your interest levels. You can also acquire the help of study consultants that help your secure admissions and your required international universities in your desired programs.

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