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The Ottomans of Turkey made kaftans popular, and now they are one of the latest fashion trends. In the 1970s, kaftans were a big hit in Hollywood.

Now, they’re back and better than ever. It looks like kaftans are the new thing in Bollywood. Everywhere you look, a fashionista is showing off her muscles in a kaftan dress. To be clear, we really like kaftan dresses.

What’s not to like about long, flowy dresses made of silk or cotton that let you skip pants, stay comfortable all day, and look like a million bucks? You can wear these kaftan dresses and abaya anywhere, from cocktail brunch to a lazy Saturday with your partner.

Trending Kaftan Dress Designs:

1) Velvet Kaftan

The velvet kaftan dress is the most luxurious piece of clothing you should have in your closet. Rich colors like cobalt blue, maroon, royal purple, or black are good choices.

Make sure that the sleeves and neckline are embroidered to give the outfit more “oomph.” It is the perfect outfit for a baby shower, a wedding reception, or a launch party. If you want to feel like a queen, this velvet dress is for you. We promise you will make people look at you.

Pair it with big earrings made of silver or diamonds and seductive brick-red lipstick.

2) Silk Kaftan

Now that restaurants and bars are finally open, you and your friends can hit the dance floor. For the same event, may we suggest that you wear a silk kaftan dress?

A short silk kaftan with loose sleeves will be very comfortable and make it easy to shake a leg. Some silk kaftans have embroidered yokes, while others have metallic colors or abstract prints. Don’t be afraid to go to a party in this trendy short dress, girl. You’ll look like a million bucks!

Pair it with pearl earrings, a bun in your hair, and a bold clutch.

3) Kaftan Wrap

Take it from us: sarongs will soon be replaced by kaftans. Cotton or chiffon kaftan wrap dresses that are short are great for the beach.

You can just put it on over your swimsuit or bikini and jump into the cool water or onto the warm sandy beach. It will keep you from getting sand burns when you lie down, and it will also make you look stylish. Also, a kaftan dress made of breathable material will keep you cool and comfortable in the summer.

Pair it with big sunglasses, a big cane hat, and slip-on or slide-on beach shoes.

4) One Shoulder Kaftan

The one-shoulder kaftan dress has become very popular very quickly. You can wear a one-shoulder georgette kaftan to cocktail parties, the club downtown, or even a family picnic at night.

Strappy stilettos are the way to go, baby! Don’t forget some light eye makeup and bold lip color, like red or purple.

5) Kaftan with Decorations

It’s written in the stars that you should wear an embellished full-length kaftan gown, my lady. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it, to wear a long, flowy dress with silver embellishments and beads?

Choose a kaftan dress with sleeves that are embroidered or decorated in some way. If you put a belt around the waist, it will look very fancy. We think that an embellished kaftan maxi dress is better than a plain maxi dress.

Since it’s an embellished kaftan dress, don’t wear too many accessories with it. You can pair this dress with clear block heels and bright lipstick.

6) Chique Formal Kaftan

If you’re tired of wearing suits and formal skirts to the office, try caftan dresses, which are stylish and still formal. We would only wear these dresses if we could. Who wants to wear pants that are sticky all day?

When we have to sit through long meetings, we want to wear something like an edgy, stylish dress with a V-neck. Even if you work from home, you can change things up by wearing a kaftan dress. Sleep in something else for a while.

Pair it with a vintage leather belt to cinch your waist, gold hoops, and mules.

7) T-Length Kaftan

T-length clothes have quickly gained a huge number of fans. T-length kaftan dresses are popular with celebrities as well. Dresses with hems just below the knees are the height of fashion.

When you don’t know if you should wear a short or long dress, go for the middle ground and wear a T-length dress. You can choose between an A-lined dress and an umbrella-cut dress. Both will look good on you.

Pair it with shoes with embellishments, a neutral lip color, and smokey eyes.

8) Sleeveless Kaftan

In this terrible Indian weather, kaftan dresses without sleeves will be a relief. Cotton is better than georgette or fabrics made from chemicals, hon. A sleeveless kaftan dress is the best choice for a Sunday brunch with the family or a walk in the park with your partner.

Even at the beach or by the pool, you can wear a short sleeveless kaftan dress. Cocktails by the pool are better with a long dress (hopefully served by a 6-pack abed hottie)

Pair it with a high ponytail (like Ariana Grande! ), tan wedges, a chunky necklace, and a handbag in a bright color.

9) Vintage Kaftan

Put it on like the Turks! Kaftan dresses, whether they are old or new, will blow your mind. You’ll fall in love with the prints, the fabric, and the patterns. Most of the time, these dresses reach the floor and have full, flowy sleeves. The neckline is mostly made of lace, and there may be light or heavy embroidery all over.

Halloween is coming up in a few months. Why not dress like the royal family of Turkey? You’ll be the talk of the party for sure, you stunner.

Pair it with big stud earrings, wing eyeliner, and red lipstick to complete the vintage look.

10) Kaftan Robe

A kaftan dress that can also be worn as a robe or a jacket? Where do we register? The royal family in the Middle East used to wear kaftans as coats over their clothes.

They have changed over time to wear dresses. Wear a kaftan robe if you want to do things the old-fashioned way. It has a drawstring and can be tightened around the waist.

For our ladies who live in the North and have to deal with harsh winters, it sounds nice to relax in a cozy kaftan robe, no? Live in the South or on an island where there is no winter? You can wear a polyester dress robe instead, you good fam!

Combine it with a slip dress with a V-neck, gold hoops, and platform heels.

11) Kimono Sleeves Kaftan

You can’t go to Japan (until the Corona has cooled down), but they didn’t say anything about dresses with kimono sleeves.

This dress is fit for an Instagram influencer because the sleeves hang down. To finish the look, you can wear a dress with these sleeves that is too big for you. One more step towards Japan (sits in a corner and sheds tears.)

Put your hair up in a bun. People should wear red or bright pink lipstick. Use a lot of blush on your cheeks!

12) Printed Kaftan with an uneven shape

How can we leave behind the prints we love when we talk about what’s in style? Everyone seems to love printed kaftans, all well-known designers, also make beautiful printed asymmetric dresses. Since this trend is both comfortable and stylish, it’s here to stay. We love that these dresses have abstract prints, flower prints, and even geometric prints.

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