Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
Is The First Year Of Motherhood The Hardest?

For many new mothers, the first year of motherhood can be filled with a roller coaster of emotions. From the joys of holding your little one for the first time to the exhaustion of sleepless nights and figuring out how to take care of a newborn, being a first-time mom is no easy feat. But is it the hardest year of motherhood? In this blog post, we’ll explore first-time mothers’ difficulties and discuss if the first year is the most challenging.

The physical toll

The first year of motherhood can be incredibly physically demanding. With new mum hampers from Mama Jewels, you can make it a little easy for the new mum. New moms often deal with immense pain, fatigue, and soreness from labour and delivery to postpartum recovery. During those first few weeks of life, babies require frequent feedings and diaper changes, which can leave moms exhausted.

Even when the baby is sleeping, there are housekeeping and other chores to take care of. The physical exhaustion of new motherhood can make it seem like you’re running a marathon; without getting to the finish line.

The emotional rollercoaster

Being a new mother can be an emotionally challenging experience. The emotions can be overwhelming, from the sheer joy of becoming a mom to the fear of making mistakes to feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. There is so much to learn in such a short time, and staying positive during this transition cannot be easy.

It is essential to recognize these feelings and be kind to yourself, as there is no manual for motherhood. Surrounding yourself with a supportive network and expressing freely can help ease the emotional rollercoaster of being a first-time mom.

The sleep deprivation

The sleep deprivation that comes with being a new mother is like no other. You will find yourself waking up multiple times during the night to feed or soothe your baby while also being on constant alert for any changes in their breathing or other signs of distress. You’ll be tired, cranky, and overwhelmed with so little sleep. It can be challenging to cope with the lack of sleep, so try to rest when you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your partner or family.

The constant worrying

The newborn baby needs too much care in the early days. The first-time mother doesn’t have experience in handling the baby. She might constantly be worrying about the better care of the baby. She keeps on thinking about the baby’s comfort. This also leads to social isolation. Every day she has a new challenge with her baby. The new mum’s life becomes imbalanced. But some moral support and help from family members can help her. New mum hampers from Mama Jewels can also soothe her.


As a new mom, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain. The first year of motherhood is often filled with many unknowns, one of the most challenging times in a woman’s life. There are many unique challenges that new mothers face during the first year. The first year of motherhood is the toughest for new mums.

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