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You can hardly enter a home or an apartment that doesn’t have a coffee table. The homes have a dedicated den or living area where the coffee table is the center of attention and if you go to the home of a bachelor, the coffee table is right there for them to eat their food and work as a centerpiece of their home décor at the same time.

Most people struggle with styling up their coffee tables. While pieces such as an ombre coffee table are a centerpiece in themselves, your regular coffee table needs some sprucing up to add some charm to your room and make it stand out. 

Here are some styling tips for your coffee table so you can make it the centerpiece of your room without actually breaking your bank. 

Play With Height

Modern interior designers say you can make anything spark and catch the eye by playing with the height. You can start with adding height and texture to your coffee table and see if that is working for you. Simply place something like books right next to a candelabra or vase of flowers to offset the height and see if you like it. This will work wonders for your coffee table if it is stout and has short legs. 

Indoor Plants Work Wonders

Indoor plants look great when placed right. You don’t have to just place them next to a window or near entrances, but also on your coffee table. Get something small and pretty like succulents and even bonsai plants and have them breathe life into your room. Plus, putting them on the coffee table can bring light into your room and stand your coffee table out as well. It will make your room look fresh as well. These plants are super easy to look after as well. 

Lamps Work Too

Lamps are also a great way to make your coffee table look fantastic and become a centerpiece. Lamps are a classic decorative item that has been in style for decades now and it never goes out of style. You can go crazy with lamps too. You can get a modern, unique place on the coffee table or you can place a smaller lamp that is made to be a decorative item, put it on the coffee table, and call it a day. Lamps are a fail-safe way to decorate and style up your coffee table. 

When in Doubt… 

When you are in doubt, you can always use the below-mentioned tips to make your coffee table look stylish and modernized. 

  • Get a vase of flowers and place them in the center of the coffee table. 
  • Place wooden bowls on the table for a rustic look.
  • Get some candles and add them to fancy glass jars. Look for oversized glass jars with candles slightly bigger than tea lights and you will be good to go. 
  • Placing a tray on the coffee table is great for layering and makes things much easier. 

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