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How to Play Archery Tag in Singapore

It is an outdoor game that is played with weapons instead of traditional archery devices. The video game is played between 2 teams on a big field, with each gamer on the group using one arrow to tag members of the opposing group. If you are trying to find fun activities for your next function or an office trip, Archery Tag in Singapore is perfect!

The game utilizes arrows, but instead of bows, they use crossbows. Arrows are shot from the crossbows and utilized to tag opposing employees on the other side of the field. The goal is for one member of a group to strike an opposing member with an arrow, thus tagging them out. If you get tagged, you’re history!

What’s this game?

Archery Tag in Singapore is a sport that is played in groups, with the goal being to tag members of the other group using arrows instead of bows. The game can be played by all ages and levels, so it’s best for your friend or family! It is a mix of 2 remarkable sports: archery and dodgeball. It’s used an inflatable court using foam-tipped arrows. When hit by an arrow, players are “dead” and should go back to their beginning area to respawn. The last team with active gamers wins the video game! Archery Tag is also the only sport where you can shoot your pals with arrows (and struck them) without entering the problem! The bows shoot very light arrows that will not penetrate the skin or cause any injuries. Archery Tag is a fantastic way to start the ball rolling and get everybody involved in having fun! It’s likewise a great exercise; you’ll burn great deals of calories during this busy video game and have even more fun doing it! In addition to having lots of fun, it will also enhance your hand-eye coordination.

Let’s Go Archery!

To play Archery Tag in Singapore, you will require to have a sizeable area with lots of surfaces. You will likewise require 2 or more teams, at least a single person per group. To begin the video game, each team picks a scoring zone. Next, the referee starts time and talks gamers to place on arm protectors and blindfold themselves. Players are not permitted to move outside their designated scoring zone. The referee then provides the signal for the video game to start. Once time runs out, there is normally a 15-second break before another round begins until everyone has had 3 rounds total.

After each round, ball games are counted up by building up all of the tags that were achieved on members of the opposing group. If a player is hit on his arrow arm protector or has an arrow stuck in him, he immediately gets tagged out. Another rule for the game is that if a player does not have at least one foot on the ground, he is tagged out. However, if a player’s foot takes place to be off the ground because of how they are basing on their zone or while drawing back their bowstring, it does not count as tagging out.

If both teams have at least one member still left in play after each round, a final round will be played where there is no tagging out. Instead, the team with the most members still in play gets a point. If both teams have an equal number of players left in play, neither team will get a point and another round should be played to determine who gets it. In this case, gamers from each group stand on opposite ends of their respective zones up until the referee starts the last round so it’s a fun and interesting game.

Perfect for team-building

This is a terrific game for team-building because it’s so active. You’ll be running, jumping, and evading other players while attempting to tag them with your arrows. This game is easy enough that all ages can play it, however still just as appealing and competitive for grownups! It’s excellent to have everyone around so that you can take pleasure in and invest quality time together. It breaks your dull and uninteresting routine to include you in some great exercise. The chances for team building around Archery Tag in Singapore are limitless! It teaches teamwork! You have to interact with your teammates to tag the other groups’ players. Planning which player will shoot next likewise requires your teammates’ input, so there’s no space left for being self-centered. Successfully moving as a group can be fulfilling and can encourage friendship between colleagues.


Archery Tag in Singapore is a video game where you’ll feel like an ancient bowman! The thing of the video game is to shoot arrows at opponents while evading their shots. It’s ideal for your next team-building event or just as something brand-new and exciting to do with good friends on the weekend. If you’re interested in playing this summer season, call us today. We’ll help set up your experience so that everyone has a good time and feels challenged by our outside mission!

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