How To Manage Pain Until You Can See An Emergency Dentist?

People who do not visit a dentist regularly rush to the dental clinic when an emergency attacks them. They do not know how much dental issues can harm their overall fitness. Due to a lack of awareness, they need to learn how to deal with dental emergencies and pain for temporary comfort. This article will teach you how to overcome poor dental conditions until you visit your emergency dentist.

Common Dental Emergencies

Before moving towards temporary treatments for dental pangs, you must know what type of dental emergencies can disturb you.

  • Dislocated jawbone
  • Severe bleeding from gums
  • Unbearable tooth pangs
  • Lost filling
  • Broken braces
  • Cracked tooth
  • Wisdom tooth

Temporary Dental Treatments

There are some remedies that you can use for temporary dental treatment. While using one of the following antidotes, remember to book an appointment with an emergency dentist Manchester.

1. Hot-salted Water

Hot-salted water is effective in severe pain due to bacterial infection in the gums. The water will wash out the bacteria from the mouth when you use it. The antibacterial water is also beneficial for cleaning debris and food particles from tooth gaps.

2. Painkiller

When you contact your dentist for a dental appointment, remember to ask him for a painkiller. The prescribed medicine will reduce pain intensity due to a dental disorder. It will make you able to bear the pain till your dental appointment.

3. Ice Compressing

In case of a dental accident that has caused continuous pain, ice compressing will be helpful for you. Applying ice on the affected area will contract the veins. It will reduce pain and discomfort for some duration. You can also stop the bleeding with the same terminology.

4. Clove Oil

A natural anesthesia, eugenol, is a particular element of clove oil. It is adequate for toothaches. It numbs the targeted area and cuts down the connection of pain. To apply clove oil, make some cotton balls and dip them in the oil. Apply these cotton balls to the injured area.

5. Elevate Your Head When Sleeping

Flat sleeping can raise tooth pain due to increased blood flow. If you want to sleep for some time, place a high pillow under your head. This practice will decrease blood flow from veins and lessen discomfort. According to an emergency dentist Manchester, it is an affected method to reduce tooth pangs.

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