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How to make money on Twitch? “Easy to start, hard to master


There are many ways to earn money these days. While not so long ago it would have seemed impossible to work from home, today it is the order of the day. Many people are looking for their field that will allow them to earn even a few hundred zlotys, and who knows? Maybe permanent employment? However, it should be remembered that, as in life, so in the Internet – it is hard to break through the forest of other candidates. That is why you need to be smart, inventive and have an appropriate plan of action. Earning money via the Internet is a fantastic idea for all those who, for some reason, cannot work in a different way (pregnant women or mothers with babies, illness, injuries, etc.) or because of other duties are unable to reconcile work with them (students, students). the largest group, You can also use smmstore to buy twitch followers uk for gaining more popularity.

Twitch – what is it?                    

Playing games (if you do it at a high enough level) you can really earn a lot. However, nothing comes immediately, it requires a lot of work, planning, preparation and dedication. One of the gaming services is Twitch. It can be compared to YouTube, because it also publishes videos, but in the case of Twitch, streaming video, i.e. live video, definitely excels. Gamers share video game streams and keep their fans entertained by commenting on their and other players’ activities. The portal was created in 2011 and since then it has spread to many countries (to the point that it is now visited by about 10 million users every day!). Twitch allows you not only to stream, but also to watch, comment, discussing and meeting new people with similar interests. It hosts tournaments as well as gaming talk shows. Twitch also has its official app that can be installed on any hardware. Thanks to this, streamers can check what is happening on their profile on an ongoing basis, and other users will fill their free time in a nice way (during a break between classes, riding a bus or waiting for a doctor’s appointment).

How do you make money on Twitch?

The service is completely free for both regular users and streamers. So where did the promised money come from? Of course, first you need to gain enough popularity. Publish regularly, gain a wider audience, reach more users and encourage them to watch your streams. If you succeed, and the number of viewers will go up – you can start thinking about raising the bar. We will present some basic sources of income.


If you convince people, your fans will be happy to support you. They can do this through donations, i.e. donating money to their favorite streamers to support their work. You just need to indicate on your channel that they have this option. Contributions are, of course, voluntary, and there is no set limit.

Cooperation with companies

Large and well-known companies are willing to cooperate with popular streamers to promote their products. The benefits are mutual – the streamer gets paid and the company gets advertising. This action is referred to as partnership. The rules and duration of such cooperation vary and are agreed at the very beginning. Streamers either get paid right away or receive up to 20% commission on the sale of products from the brand they work with.


Once you’ve made yourself comfortable on Twitch enough for your account to become recognizable, you can consider selling your own products (mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, laptop stickers, pins, etc.). All you have to do is create a storefront through third parties, add all your suggestions and start promoting them on your channel. Interested fans will go to your store page, and after the purchase, the money will go to you.

Twitch partner

Another way is to become a Twitch Affiliate. However, this is the most difficult task and requires meeting clearly defined criteria imposed by the platform. If you get all of them – you can apply for a partnership. Monetization has a similar mechanism as working with companies, but partners also receive a share of the advertising revenue that is displayed during their videos. They also have a much better chance of sponsorship deals.

I set up an account… now what?

Exactly … the idea is there, the motivation is there, the goals are there. Account created, first videos uploaded and what next? Building your own community on Twitch takes a lot of dedication and time. You have to be patient, be inventive and encourage new viewers to stay with you for longer. Everyone starts from scratch, so if you set yourself too high goals at the very beginning of your career – you can quickly become discouraged. Finding new fans and convincing them is a big challenge, but following a few of the most important tips – it can be done. Therefore, above all, don’t be discouraged by the lack of pageview growth, even if you already have a dozen or so streams behind you. Set yourself up for fun, record for your own satisfaction, and you’ll see that in the end the work will pay off. It can be difficult to break through a crowd of people like you at a given moment, but eventually some of them will give up or lose popularity. And then you will come in all white.

It’s worth striving for the rank of Twitch Partner from the very beginning. Plan the whole process in small steps, but do everything towards becoming a partner. You must follow clearly defined guidelines. Belong to them:

  • at least 50 followers on the account,
  • at least 3 viewers in the last month,
  • recorded at least 500 minutes of video in the last month,
  • broadcast on at least 7 different days in the last 30 days.


Three rules to increase your chances of success

Be systematic

Get your fans used to systematic broadcasting. Show them that they can count on you, that you are reliable and trustworthy. It’s worth saying a few words about the next stream at the end of the video. Say what you plan to create and it will arouse interest and put viewers in a state of joyful anticipation. You can also ask viewers what they would like to see on your channel, what interests them and intrigues them.

Adapt to the algorithms

Every platform, including Twitch, works with algorithms. On the one hand, they organize the video by adjusting it to the preferences of a particular user, on the other hand, they are a considerable obstacle for creators, especially beginners. They prefer films that are likely to be a source of income for them. So what counts above all is the popularity of a given streaming. The more viewers, interactions with fans, the number of minutes watched – the more willing the algorithms are to promote such content. Of course, a lot also depends on the preferences of Twitch users. If you record videos on less popular topics – automatically your chances of gaining interest quickly decrease. On the other hand, when recording clichéd streams, hundreds of which can be found on the website, it will be hard for you to break through them. Therefore, find your golden mean, focus on the subject that suits you best, with which you feel good and confident. This will make you appear more professional and therefore trustworthy and interested.

Be creative and charismatic

To achieve success on Twitch, successfully develop your account and not end your career right after creating an account – you need to convince other users. Imagine that you are the viewer. What draws you to a particular channel? What makes you want to keep watching a particular stream? Write down your observations and try to make a film plan that includes all these elements. Importantly, and perhaps even most importantly – you must be natural when commenting, show charisma, sense of humor and intuition. If public speaking stresses you out, your fans will sense it, and they won’t feel comfortable watching your streams either. So, relax and just have fun playing your favorite games and earn money in the process!

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