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How to Increase Your Car Trunk Space Without Buying a New Car

Are you in need of some extra packing capacity? Buying a new car solely for increased trunk space isn’t the only solution. Luckily, it’s very possible to maximize trunk space without breaking your budget. If you’re ready to make the most of the storage room you have, this article is just the read for you!

We will help you create an ample amount of cargo space in any vehicle with several tips and tricks, making your next family vacation or daily errand trip easier to run. Whether exploring different parts and features of vehicles or finding creative ways unleash unused storage room behind your vehicle’s styling, this read guarantees big benefits for giving that necessary spaciousness a boost.

Declutter and reorganize

Decluttering and reorganizing your car’s trunk space is the first step to increasing your storage options. Essential items should be kept, while those that no longer serve a purpose can be safely removed. Take a look at any extra sets of golf clubs or similar items that may have accumulated over time — do you really need them in there on a regular basis? 

Once the excess has been discarded, organization methods can be utilized to maximize the remaining space. Section off materials into designated areas, outfit smaller items with trays and containers, and take advantage of cabinetry found on the walls or sides. When packing larger, bulky items – such as hockey equipment – remember to deploy cargo nets to keep them secure and prevent movement during travel. For an added bonus, utilize roof racks or other vertical organizers to maximize even further outside of simply securing items in place.

Use roof racks and hitch carriers

If you need more space than your trunk can provide, consider using roof racks or hitch carriers. Roof racks are designed to carry larger items such as bicycles, kayaks, or luggage. There are several types of roof racks available, including those that attach to the roof itself, and those that attach to existing roof rails. Hitch carriers are another option for increasing storage capacity.

When using roof racks or hitch carriers, it’s important to follow safety guidelines. Make sure the items you’re carrying are properly secured and within the weight limit for your vehicle.

Before any trip, ensure that you tightly strap your roof rack or hitch carrier onto your car. Checking twice is essential to guarantee a successful ride and ensure the safety of both you and your beloved vehicle. No one wants their valuable cargo flying off during transit. Once you have securely fixed the product to your car, you can enjoy effortless travels and have peace of mind that whatever you’re bringing along stays safe and secure.

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Invest in foldable storage solutions

Increase the maximum carrying capacity of your car’s trunk with foldable storage solutions! Packed away to cutting down on clutter, folding crates allow you to store items you use regularly, then take up just a fraction of their original space. Boxes of various sizes provide the same priceless convenience. Not enough room? Consolidate larger items such as groceries or sporting equipment within a collapsible cargo bag. Now that’s a hefty upgrade for cents on the dollar – easily stowed away in your trunk when all you need is precious space.

Consider trailer options

If you need even more space than roof racks or hitch carriers can provide, consider using a trailer. There are several types of trailers available, including enclosed trailers, open trailers, and flatbed trailers. Flatbed trailers are ideal for carrying heavy equipment or machinery.

Before investing in a trailer, make sure to assess your needs carefully. Trailers can be expensive and may not be practical for everyday use. Consider the types of items you’ll be carrying and how often you’ll need to use the trailer.


In conclusion, there are several and many ways to increase your car’s trunk space without buying a new car. By decluttering and reorganizing your trunk, using roof racks and hitch carriers, investing in foldable storage solutions, and considering trailer options, you can maximize your car’s storage capacity to suit your needs. Before investing in any of these options, it’s important to assess your needs carefully and determine which option is best for you and this is why we are providing you such in-depth guide. By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a more spacious trunk without having to break the bank.

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