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For businesses looking to ensure that they are taking the necessary steps to properly vet their staff, BS7858is a standard of compliance that can provide assurance. Implementing BS7858 requires detailed planning and strategies to conduct successful staff vetting procedures.

What is BS7858?

BS7858 is a set of standards and procedures designed to improve the screening process for individuals who are responsible for security in different areas such as construction sites, transportation, cash logistics, and government offices. This standard brings with it a wide range of benefits including greater accuracy when vetting applicants and an improved ability to track any changes between the original check and follow-up checks.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of how your business can implement best practices for verifying employee backgrounds using the British Standard recommendation and reducing risks within your workplace.

Create a Vetting Policy

Creating a vetting policy is the first step to staying compliant with BS7858 British Standard while performing background checks. A vetting policy serves as a guideline for organizations to follow when conducting their background checks, safeguarding both parties in the process. It should include details such as who will be responsible for conducting the checks, what types of documents will be accepted and/or requested, and how long results can take.

Additionally, knowing which rules are applicable nationally and locally can make all the difference when determining which processes need to be followed to stay legally sound during the BS7858 vetting process. By having a clear, compliant policy in place from the outset, organizations can ensure they remain both protected and up-to-date with relevant laws and regulations moving forward.

Generate an Application Form

An effective application form is an important part of the BS7858 vetting process. By creating a thorough and well-crafted application form, businesses can ensure that the necessary information needed for the various types of vetting processes is collected in an organized and efficient manner. Without a comprehensive application form, the appropriate information for each vetting process may not be collected, thus delaying or complicating the necessary background checks, and potentially compromising their overall security.

Thus, an effective application form, when combined with an equally robust vetting policy, will create an effective barrier against improper background checks, thereby protecting both businesses and potential new employees during this important stage in the hiring process.

Check the Application Details

When an organization undergoes the BS7858 vetting process, it must check the application details. This diligence ensures that all information provided by prospective and current employees is accurate and appropriately assessed. The screening of past and present work grades, education qualifications as well as a criminal activity are all essential components of this detailed process. These are considered carefully before rendering a decision.

Properly following the application requirements, with attention to detail, allows employers to make objective informed assessments. Taking into account any red flags or discrepancies can prove invaluable for ensuring the safety and well-being of not only their business but also their employees.

Conduct Interviews and Background Checks

During the BS7858 vetting process, employers need to conduct detailed interviews and extensive background checks. These are important tools to help employers identify employees who have the right qualifications and a proven track record in their field. Interviews provide an opportunity to gain insight into a candidate’s experience, attitude, and values. Information that cannot be determined through a standard background check.

Similarly, background checks reveal a holistic view of an individual’s history. It serves as an asset when making decisions about their employability. Together, interviews and background checks can help ensure to select only the most suitable candidates.

Carry Out Reference Checks

Reference checks ensure that an individual is as credible and trustworthy as they appear. A successful reference check process identifies any discrepancies or concerns between how an individual describes. And how their references portray them.

Moreover, companies can use this information when making the final assessment of a potential employee’s character and suitability for the role. By taking the time to complete thorough reference checks, businesses can go a long way in reducing risk. It also helps ensuring that they are selecting the best candidate for their vacant position.

Employer Verification and Employment History

The BS7858 vetting process is an essential verification procedure for ensuring that all employees have the background necessary to perform their job duties safely and efficiently. One of the most important aspects of this vetting procedure involves employer verification and employment history. By conducting an extensive background search, employers can gain a better understanding of their workers’ qualifications, work ethics, and past experiences.

So, this two-pronged approach enables employers to confirm credentials. Make sure to fulfill past job terms, and be confident in their new employees’ performance. Employers must prioritize security by investing in reliable sources for employer verification and employment history checks. This ensures the success of their business operations.

Carry Out Additional Checks

During a BS7858 vetting process, it is important to carry out additional checks in addition to standard background checks. These additional checks may include verifying identity documents such as passports or driver’s licenses. And conducting full national security clearance if necessary. Furthermore, carrying out these secondary checks can help ensure that all information collected during the vetting process is accurate and complete. This process is essential for the hiring process to be successful.

In addition, having a full-fledge screening process helps companies maintain compliance with industry standards. It also prevents undesired people from entering their premises. Ultimately, carrying out thorough background checks and additional screenings can provide organizations with peace of mind. As they are only hiring trustworthy individuals who are suitable for their vacancies.


Smart Workforce Provide Effective screening programs are the result of careful planning, thoughtful design, and attention to detail. Management can implement the process of BS7858 who are responsible for recruiting new staff. The vetting procedures provide a framework to ensure that organizations employ suitable people to work within their business. By adhering to these guidelines, employers can help prevent illegal or undesirable activities from taking place within their workplace.

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