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How to Get PR in the UK after Finishing Study?

Ph.D. Dissertation writing service For many years, one of the main reasons for immigration has been to experience quality of life. With that being said, The Better Life Index has considered the United Kingdom as one of the best-developed countries to have a good quality of life. In, 2020 more than 313,000 people moved to the UK for permanent residency.

In most cases, many of these people opting for permanent residency are international students. Students coming to the UK for higher studies get swamped up with the facilities and luxuries of the UK that tempt them to stay permanently.

Types of Visas UK is offering:

The United Kingdom is offering various Visas. The purpose of giving a variety of visa options is to ultimately flourish the respective economy.

  • UK ancestry visa
  • UK Visitor Visa
  • UK Skilled worker Visa
  • UK Working Holiday Visa
  • UK Student Visa
  • UK investor Visa
  • UK permanent residency
  • UK Visa Extension

Reasons for UK visa refusal:

Getting a visa, that too for the UK is not a piece of cake. The UK is known to follow the most scrutinized process to approve your visa. With that being said, the following are the reasons that might lead to the rejection of Visa.

Reason: 1 when your itinerary is unnecessarily long

Reason: 2 when your reason for the stay in the UK is unclear

Reason: 3 when you are employed, and your company is not being supportive of your visit. Therefore, lack of leave approval letters.

Reason: 4 when your monthly income is not the same in your bank account as you stated in the form.

Reason: 5 when there are suspicious transactions in your bank account.

Reason: 6 when you are extravagant and your bank account approves it.

Reason: 7 when you do not have enough travel history.

Reason: 8 when the reasons for previous visa refusal are unclear.

Reason: 9 when the documentation process is not up to the mark.

Reason: 10 when the cover letter is not up to the mark.

These are just the possible and expected excuses for visa refusal. One should have a bone to expect surprising refusal reasons as well.

Steps to follow to get PR in the UK:

Knowing which type of Visa you want, and following a process that can out shadow the mentioned reasons for visa refusal, you are now ready to start your process for PR. Applying for a PR visa while being a student starts right from where you apply for the university in the first place at Ph.D. Dissertation writing service.

Step: 1 Get the admission letter from your desired university:

If you wish to get the PR in the UK by having the educational process, then getting an admission letter has from one of the universities in the UK has to be your top priority.

For this, check the eligibility criteria, as different universities have different admission policies. Pro-tip would be that only apply to universities of whom eligibility criteria you meet. Anyhow, the most common requirement of every university in the UK are as follows;

  • All the previous academic record
  • English proficiency certificates like IELTS, TOEFL, and C1 advanced, etc.
  • Certificate of extracurricular activities.
  • Statement of intent
  • Recommendation Letter

Step 2: Opt. for Student Visa:

At this step, it is safe to say that getting a student visa is the easiest option. Students should opt. for getting a tier 4 student visa as it is the longest stay visa for students. The more academic period you spent in the UK, the more chances you earn to get the PR. Make sure to apply for a student visa, three times before the beginning of your semester.

The application fee for a UK visa is three hundred and thirty pounds. When applying for a student visa in the UK following are the required documentation;

  • A completely and properly filled Tier 4 student visa application form.
  • Pieces of evidence that shows you can take care of your finances during your stay in the UK
  • Passport-sized Pictures – of course!
  • Letter of admission from your desired university
  • Results of tuberculosis test, or any other medical test results prescribed by the university.
  • English proficiency certificate.
  • Any other document requirement is given by the university.

Step: 3 looks for part-time jobs

It is a kind gesture from the UK government in the article post that it allows international students to get part-time jobs. This helps the students in being a part of the corporate sector in the UK. Students of Tier-4 visas have permission to work 20 hours a week. If things get rough, academically, one can always take the academic from Ph.D. Dissertation writing service or master’s writing services. Make sure to read the rules given by your university to work in the corporate sector. With that being said, there are various career opportunities for international students;

  • Fitness Instructor.
  • Research Analysts.
  • Content writing.

Step: 4 get yourself employed:

You have now completed your degree, and you have experience in your desired field. Now you are eligible to look for employment opportunities as well. The UK is known to give the best kind of opportunities to worthy and talented students. By getting employment, students can get a work permit after completing their studies in the UK. International students are acquainted with yet another advantage of a 2-year post-student work visa.

The only drawback in this step is that you cannot get permanent employment as long as you have a Tier-4 visa. It is only given to the Tier-2 visa holder, only then a student can become a permanent employee in the corporate company of the UK.

Step: 5 Apply for tier-2 Visa/ permanent residency:

While you are working on your post-student working visa, you can apply for a Tier-2 Visa. But for this, you need at least five years of graduating job. To get permanent residency, students must opt for the ILR visa, a short form of an “indefinite leave to remain” visa.

The plus point for getting this visa is your full-time job, your good ethical behavior throughout your stay, and no illegal activities in the UK. You may require to pass two tests; one is a test of life and English proficiency test as well. Other than this, for the IRL visa, you must give the following details to apply for an ILR visa;

  • Your current passport.
  • Name, birthdate, and birthplace.
  • 2 passport size colored photographs.
  • Digital prints of all ten fingers are also required.
  • Your signature.
  • Present studying and working status.
  • Present Immigration status.

These steps can be your golden ticket to earn permanent residency in the UK.

Final Verdict:
The process is quite agonizing! But it is worth every effort. It has been noticed as well that most students struggle way much to get permanent residency in the UK, when struggling with academics, they take all the help from UK academic services like Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal Writing Service or any of that sort. When struggling with employment, they adjust their routine accordingly without throwing shades about it. The dedication is so pure that nothing can stop them, till they get a visa! s

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