How to choose a background screening company

There’s a lot to learn about conducting DBS checks if you’ve never done one before. A background screening company should consider a number of factors when hiring them to simplify the hiring process.

Why are DBS checks different from employment background checks?

As part of disclosure and barring service checks (e.g. a DBS check), a person’s past is examined carefully to see if they’ve been reprimanded, warned, or cautioned for any crimes.

A Depending on the job or the role of the applicant, DBS checks can be conducted against adult and child barred lists.

Soft intelligence held by the police may also be included in DBS checks or disclosures. PNC records may not contain this type of information. It is possible for police forces to have information about an individual that should be shared to determine whether they are suitable for a given position, even if they have not been convicted of any specific offense. For more information, visit

If you need a background check, you’ve come to the right place. Through the design, implementation, and management of an intelligent screening system, SeamlessSearch helps employers minimize risk.

Are there different types of checks?

Disclosure DBS checks are available at three levels. Depending on the job duties and responsibilities, the level of disclosure will vary. Below are some characteristics of disclosure:

A quick review – Anyone requiring certification can take this examination, and anyone can use it to become certified. The examination is commonly used for courier services and personal licenses.

Depending on the legislative criteria, this standard may apply. In general, accountants and solicitors require more detailed disclosures.

A For information that has been disclosed at a higher level, a detailed check is also required. It is also essential to disclose information about vulnerable clients.

Employers benefit from screening employees in what ways?

You should check this out depending on your industry.

Even so, every applicant, employee, and volunteer should go through some screening process. In some cases, a DBS check may not be possible due to legal restrictions. As long as the organization conducts a basic screening and not a full DBS check, no restrictions apply.

When employers contact former employers, they can verify a job applicant’s work history. It is common that employers are not aware of their rights and obligations toward previous employers. If this is the case, negative comments can be challenging. Consequently, former employers typically provide only basic information, such as dates of employment, titles, job duties, and wage information.

Our background check company, for example, typically provides more relevant information about a job history check since we ask the right questions. Keeping employees’ anonymity and professionalism, employers are able to learn about employee opinions.

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