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One of the most overlooked spots for fishing is dams. Prey fish are attracted to the normal combination of current, current, eddies, and rock cover. Dams are a way for fish to move upstream to spawn. The result is that fish tend to concentrate in the bottom waters.

If you haven’t been to the dams since you wore your fishing shirt, it is worth adding them to your favorite fishing spots. It should not be difficult to catch a fish if you’re familiar with bait fishing. It’s important to learn how to store fish after catching it.

You can expect a variety of fish in dams

It is always a good idea if you plan to fish in a dam’s waters, to be familiar with the types of fish that you might encounter. The region, the dam, and the dam’s character will have a huge impact on the fish species found in dams.

Fishing for dams will give you a good chance of landing White Bass, Strippers, and Sausage as well as Smallmouth Bass. In shallow water, it is possible to catch crappie, sunfish, and largemouth bass.

Large Swimbaits

Most dams have currents. A lure that is strong enough to cut through currents will increase your chances of catching fish after you cast your spinning reel.

Match your baits to the live bait at the dam where the fish are being caught. You can increase your chances to catch bass by using large swim lures that look like minnows and live tarpon if you know that they will chase them.

Use Crankbaits

Crankbaits are easy to cast and cover a lot of ground. Fish love crankbaits. A bass crankbait that can dive to 4-8 feet is a good choice when fishing for bass fish.

You need to locate the shallow water rocks to get the fish to bite. This shouldn’t be difficult, considering that dams are made of pitched rocks. You can convince your fish to eat your crankbait by pairing it with live bait.

Surface lures

Topwater lures are a great way to catch a variety of prey-occupying species. It is important to note that topwater lures can be fished at the best times.

The best time to use topwater lures is when the fish are eating. You should be able to see the fish exploding on the surface of the water during feeding hours.

You should be cautious about areas that might hook you but this doesn’t mean you should avoid them. They offer the perfect cover for your target fish.

Soft plastic and template head

The transition point is located at the bottom of most dams. This is where the currents from the dam meet the lake below. Most predatory fish such as stripper and bass will sit at this transition point while they wait for the current to move downstream.

You will need a soft plastic and a jighead to fish near the edge of the lake where the current enters the lake. You can, for example, swish around the area and then slowly return to the surface. This will attract any predatory fish that are waiting for the baitfish.

Because of their ideal habitat, crabs can produce better results. The crop will be very similar to live bait.

Live bait

You shouldn’t be concerned about finding bait fish for your dam fishing trip. The dams are home to a lot of bait fish, as we have already mentioned. You can simply throw your drop net at prey to catch enough bait for fishing.

Once you have caught enough bait fish, it is time to move them downstream. You will need a bottom rig with a 1/2-ounce weight attached to the leader and hook.

Be safe

You must not neglect your safety when fishing for prey. You can be subject to rapid changes in the conditions and currents. This can lead to dangerous situations.

While you are focused on landing the most fish possible, be aware of the signs. Be aware of any restrictions for fishing on specific dams. You will need a life jacket if you plan to fish on a dam.

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