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Russia has been gaining popularity as a destination for Indian students pursuing medical degrees for a long time. The wonderful student life is one of the many advantages that MBBS offers in Russia to its students. One can ponder what it means to have a happy or colorful student experience. Our favorite TV series and movies have definitely raised our expectations for what university life is like. Reality does not match imagined expectations. Although you can build lifelong relationships, healthy college life is not about partying all night or having extramarital affairs. University life is usually an unforgettable experience for everyone. When it comes to MBBS studies abroad, it is normal for students and parents to be concerned not only about the education but also about the general life of the students over a period of about six years.

It is already common opinion that Russia’s top medical colleges provide reliable quality education, but did you know that these universities like Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) also provide international students with a healthy, nutritious, and student-friendly environment? Several universities with large numbers of Indian students make occasional plans to meet the indigenous requirements of the students.

So, if you want to know what to expect in the whole MBBS in Russia, here are some facts that will undoubtedly shine during your time in one of the best state medical universities in Russia.

  1. Expenditure

In summary, students studying MBBS at top Russian medical schools can save up to 45 percent compared to students studying in the United States. The majority of universities like Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) now provide almost all the needs for students, including Indian food. If students choose to tour the city or have personal preferences, they may be required to pay reduced rates to students.

  1. Exploration Drive

Russia has always been a strategically important country in terms of geography, history, and politics. As a result, the largest country in the world is constantly discovering something new. Students have a variety of recreational activities to choose from, including scenic landscapes, museums, crystal caves, bodies of water, mysterious mountains and forests, and research conferences.

  1. Local Culture and Cuisine

Despite public opinion, Russian culture and cuisine are very similar to that of India. The local tea culture, which is similar to that of India, is available to MBBS students studying in the country. In addition, students can try classic Russian foods such as Blini, Pelmeni, Syrniki, Borscht, Okroshka, Pirozhki, Shashlik Kebabs, and more. Once you have satisfied your belly, you can explore the culture, where cats protect museums and dogs roam the subway!

  1. Study Routine

Being an MBBS student in Russia, as in any other country, requires great passion and dedication at every step, every day. Students are encouraged to participate actively in classes and workshops after completing the introduction at the beginning of the semester. A university like Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) faculty is very experienced in various ways to make the teaching-learning process more exciting and exciting for the students.

  1. Activities

While clinical rotation is an important part of the curriculum, the university like Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) also supports students in a variety of academic activities, such as discussions, hostels, Olympiads, and other non-academic activities, such as excursions, sports tournaments (cricket, badminton, etc.) other classroom activities based on their interests.


University life is a process of self-knowledge and self-realization. The knowledge and experience gained during this time will help develop the character of the students for the rest of his life. This growth becomes extremely important as you prepare for the role in society that you will play for the next six years of your life.

Every day is not the same for students and they need to understand it. Some days are bright and sunny, while others are cloudy. Things will probably get challenging one way or another at some point or another, but with the right leadership, they will almost certainly be able to get over it.

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