How Do Mirrors?

Manufacturers of glass mirrors will clean and polish the glass that needs to be made into glass mirrors to facilitate follow-up work Check out Toilet Mirror.

After cleaning and drying, spray silver coating on both sides of the glass mirror, so that the prototype of the mirror will come out

After the pen silver treatment is completed, the mirror surface is dried, and after drying, the lens is cut to achieve the predetermined mirror shape and effect 

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Where is Huawei Mirror

To open Huawei Mirror, you need to click Install and Open on Huawei Mirror. There are four steps in total. The following are the specific steps.


  • Huawei Enjoy 20
  • EMU I10.1.1
  • Huawei Mirror

Enter Huawei Mirror

Enter the application market of the mobile phone, enter Huawei Mirror

Click To Install

Click Install for Huawei Mirror

Open on Huawei Mirror

Enter Huawei Mirror

How to draw a mirror with simple strokes; simple drawing of a mirror

Mirrors are indispensable in life. Let me share with you the simple strokes of mirrors. It is very simple. I believe that even if you are a novice with zero foundation, you can learn it quickly Amazon NHS Discount Code.


  • Paper
  • Pen
  1. First draw the outline of the mirror
  2. Draw a frame on the mirror;
  3. Draw a bracket for the mirror;
  4. Complete the bracket
  5. Finally, paint the color, and a simple and beautiful mirror is drawn.


  • Beginners are advised to draw with a pencil so that changes can be made.
  • If you want the mirror to look more beautiful, you can paint some decorative patterns on the frame.

How to draw the simple strokes of the mirror how to draw a mirror


  1. First draw a standard circle as the outline of the mirror.
  2. Draw a smaller circle with the same center inside the circle.
  3. Draw the vertical support for the Goon mirror with a vertical line at the lower end of the two circular cutouts.
  4. Draw the thin, oval horizontal support for the mirror below the vertical line.
  5. Draw two parallel lines of different lengths inside the small circle.
  6. The simple strokes of the mirror are complete.

How to choose a mirror

Pattern VS Plane: With the development of mirror technology, many effect patterns can be made on the mirror surface Toilet Mirror.

But this kind of mirror is more suitable for decoration purposes, but if it is used to expand the sense of space, it is better to choose a large mirror that is as calm as a lake. good.

White mirrors are brighter, suitable for living rooms with insufficient light and smaller areas; gray mirrors do not reflect too strongly, are more stable, and are suitable for living rooms with larger areas.

It will lead to the final shattering of the whole mirror; the third is to pick the thickness, and the mirror is according to the thickness.

The price is different Toilet Mirror. Many people choose thinner mirrors to save money, but the mirror is too thin and easy to break, but the loss outweighs the gain.

At present, the difference between high-end brands and ordinary products is mainly in the authenticity of images. When purchasing, you can observe its quality from the front, side, and back.

My mirror I call the shots (Mirror Tutorial)

Make a mirror with your own personality. Let’s do it together

Materials needed: one mirror embryo, one piece of aluminum sheet, a small piece of cotton, glue (glue gun) for cloth, and a small cloth for making the picture by yourself. Just a few steps to make your favorite mirror.

Paste your favorite patterns on the cloth by hand-painting, embroidery, patching, etc., draw a circle the size of an aluminum sheet, and cut it out 1 to 2 cm along the edge of the cloth. Start the basting at 0.7 outside the circle.