How do Solar Chargers work?

In general, most world travelers and wild campers alike love solar chargers. This is because it gives peace of mind in an era when we all depend on access to charge the devices we use in our daily lives. and Solar energy in Pakistan is a great way to start relying less on the grid, as chargers are the most practical solution. 

What are solar chargers?

They are chargers that use sunlight to generate electricity . Then this electricity is use to charge many electrical devices that can include mobile phones. Laptops, car batteries, reading lights, and personal fans, and since these devices do not have the ability to expel. Electricity directly to the devices, they are Embedding a long-life battery pack inside the device. In this way the electricity generate by the solar cells is store

Solar Charger (CXLi) 

This charger has a huge capacity of (25000) mAh, and in this charger there is a solar charging panel that can absorb any light and then convert. it into electricity, and it also has two entrances that can be charge. either via (Iphone Port or Android Port), and this charger is an ideal product for travel, camping, BBQ and outdoor activities.

Solar Charger (8000mAh) 

This solar charger is consider to be one of the most powerful chargers. and this is because it contains 4 highly efficient monocrystalline panels. pair with two (USB) ports, which translates to 2 amps per port, moreover. it contains two batteries with a capacity of 8000 mAh Amp per hour, i.e. 16000 mAh. and it also has a built-in microchip (IC) that ensures that the charger can recognize the gadget and optimize the current.

Solar charger (Voltage 20 Watt) 

This solar charger is characterize. by one of the highest currents with a battery of 19800 mAh, and the increase in power in this charger is better. than that in the charger (SunJack 8000mAh), as it can fully charge the smartphone for a period of time. About an hour, plus this charger can fully charge a laptop, and the power of this charger is so great. that once full it can charge a laptop, two iPads and seven smartphones all to 100%.

Solar Charger ( X -DRAGON)

This charger features a high current with a 10,000 mAh polymer battery, and is charge by 3   polycrystalline solar panels of 1.2 watts each. and it has two (USB) ports, however These ports differ in power surge. with one being 5V/2A for smaller devices and the other with a higher power surge at 18V/2A for charging slightly more powerful gadgets like laptops.

Solar phone charger (BE WILL 10000MAH) 

This solar charger is made with a 10,000 mAh battery, and this charger contains double (USB) ports, as these ports allow us to charge. two devices at the same time, and it also works well with a device ( iPhone), tablets and other electronic devices.This period is the starting period of the engine rotation, and the rest of the time is charged by the dynamo in the car.

Solar charger (RAVPower 24W)

In this charger there is a panel that can charge smartphones and tablets using sunlight. and the charging technology in this charger works. with a power of 24 watts, and the charging efficiency can increase by up to 21.5 % – 23.5%. so we can power all our mobile devices from sunrise to sunset whenever we’re outside. As for the pumps, they usually do not need energy storage, and daytime irrigation is sufficient.If the battery cannot reach higher than 10.5 volts, it means that it has dead cells.

Solar charger (Dizol 5000 ampere) 

This charger contains two (USB) ports, which makes it possible to charge two devices at the same time, and this charger is water and shock resistant. and therefore it is durable and suitable for harsh conditions, moreover, it is light in weight Also, it contains a built-in LED light that ensures. that it can work as a flashlight and shows the available charge level during charging and when the charge is running out. It is ideal for charging the phone and can charge the phone for two hours up to 100%.

Solar chargers work Similar.

Solar chargers work very similar to both a PV system and a conventional battery storage system. where sunlight hits the surface of the device, and then this sunlight is then absorbe by the individual cells. that make up the entire Solar manufacturer in Pakistan and then the photons that are emitte from. it excite Sunlight electrons inside the material (usually silicon to create an electric field ), and this electric field is the force. with which the electrons travel to the solar battery charger assembly.

These solar batteries then store the electricity until you are ready to charge a compatible device. After which a charge inverter that converts the electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) returns the electricity to a more usable form.

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