What is the engagement rate & how to get more engagement on Instagram? 

If you are looking for ways to increase engagement on Instagram accounts, then you are at the right place because we will know in this article that we can adopt some methods to get more engagement. 

What is an Instagram account engagement rate?

Engagement rates on Instagram accounts are a type of calculation that shows what percentage of people have interacted with our content. Generally, the likes and comments of our content received by the followers are considered while calculating engagement. But in some cases, the number of impressions, sharing and saves on our content are also taken into account while calculating the engagement rate.

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How to calculate the engagement rate:- 

Finding the engagement rate of any of your posts on Instagram is quite simple. If you want to find out the engagement rate of any of your posts, that – Divide the total number of likes and comments on the post by the number of followers on your Instagram account. After that, multiply it by 100, giving the percentage of your engagement rate.

Engagement rate = likes + comments / number of followers x 100 

What is a reasonable engagement rate:– 

Most social media marketers believe that a reasonable engagement rate on an Instagram account is between 1 per cent and 5 per cent. Followers play a significant role in the engagement rate, and the number of followers affects our 2022 4.59% engagement rate with 177k followers. 

How to calculate engagement rate automatically:- 

If you want to calculate the engagement rate of an Instagram account, but your math could be better, and you want your engagement rate to be calculated automatically. So you can use social media management tools like Hootsuite to determine the engagement rate on any social media platform.

Not only can you find out the engagement of your account using social media management tools, but you can also find out the engagement of each post in your Instagram account and any other social media platform. 

Ways to get more engagement on Instagram account:- 

There are a few ways to get more engagement on Instagram Account, which are as follows:- 

Create valuable content:- 

Content is significant on Instagram because people want to see different and valuable content, so if you get more engagement on your Instagram account, you have to create and post helpful content for Instagram. If your content has some value, then people will like to see that content, and if that content has no meaning, why would anyone want to see that content? So always create valuable content.

Use Instagram’s new videos features:- 

While posting a video on Instagram, we should know about the new video features of Instagram and shortlist some of those features and do it in our video post so that the post users will find it attractive and people like to see that content.

Go with the trend:- 

We should follow the new trend on Instagram to get engagement on Instagram accounts because, as we all know, some new fad comes on Instagram every day and music sound when people find that trend. So your post will also show because it will be relevant content from it.

Be authentic:-

We should be authentic with our Instagram users. We should upload real photos and videos on our accounts to build rapport between the follower and you. When one of your followers tags you in their story, you should re-tag your followers. Also, thank your followers for their support.

Post Instagram story:- 

It would be best to put a story on your Instagram account regularly, as we all know that the report posted on Instagram is automatically deleted after 24 hours, so we should add a new story after 24 hours. It would be best if you remembered to use the right hashtags while posting your account on Instagram.

Get feedback with polls and questions:- 

You can also use the polls and questions feature to add regular stories to your Instagram key and get followers’ feedback because more people interact with you when you add these features to your Instagram story. This is a great way to get more engagement on Instagram.

Mention others:- 

You can mention other people in your Instagram stories and posts, which not only gives your account high engagement but also increases the reach of your account because when you mention someone else in your post or story. Their followers can also visit your account, which increases the engagement of your account.

Post continuously:- 

If we post regular and continuous posts on our Instagram account, it will also help you increase our account’s engagement.

Use hashtags and location tags:-

It would be best if you used hashtags related to your content while posting on your Instagram account, and you can also use trending hashtags. It is one of the best ways to get more engagement on Instagram. You can also put a location tag in your posts because your posts are seen there where you put the location tag in your position. 

Write a strong caption:- 

Strong captions should be put in Instagram posts. You can caption 2200 characters in an Instagram post and use hashtags in the caption. The content of your post should be attractive to people.


Based on the above analysis, it is concluded that Instagram’s engagement rate is significant. Through the engagement rate, it is found what percentage of the people are interacting with our content. You can easily find out the engagement rate. And above, we have suggested ways to get more engagement on your Instagram account. All these measures will help you to increase engagement on your Instagram account. You can buy Instagram followers in India  from our website “Netsviral” to increase engagement. When your account engagement is high, it helps boost your follower count.