Make a Creative Use Of Your Existing Business Cards?

You may be having your business cards getting old now. Sometimes the card that we have may require replacing certain information. For example, if your contact number is changed, your old visiting cards are now outdated. 

You need to have your current visiting card that has the current information. But what can you accomplish with your ageing visiting cards? There is a bundle of cards that are there for your business.

 You cannot waste these cards as it is a waste of resources. Another example is your company switch. If you are switching your company, you may have new business cards. What can you do to your previous company cards? Utilize them and unleash your creative side.

Be creative with your cards

 Do not throw away these cards. Instead, try to be innovative. This will help you to waste fewer resources and be creative simultaneously. 

There are numerous specialities that you can do with these outdated business cards. Many people especially borrow small business loans with bad credit

These loans help them to get fancy business cards for them. You can also make use of the loans to get new business cards. But make sure to reuse them when they are not in use anymore. 

Business cards makeover tips

Prioritize your business and make the required changes. You can follow the ways to increase your business.

Create a collage

We all understand that we have a massive bundle of business cards with us. Sometimes some cards need to be updated because of our current information.

 Whereas other cards may be outdated due to your company switch, you can initiate an art composition with this bundle of cards. Since there are many cards available to you, try to create an interesting art piece. 

It can be a current business logo or a showpiece for your house. Either way, you are making efficient use of your cards.

 Use as bookmarks

If you are an avid reader, you may read a huge number of books every month. You can use these business cards as a bookmark. 

This will deliver you an intention of achievement as well. Many people do not use bookmarks and keep folding the book’s pages. 

Do not do this. This makes the book clumsy and makes it difficult to read. Your business cards can prove to be perfect business bookmarks.

 Give them a makeover

If your old cards have old information, do not trash them or forget them. Instead, you can paint them over. 

Try to paint them in a new and creative way, and you can mention your new information on that card. Get these cards printed. 

You can reuse these cards as it will give them a fresh and interesting look. Try to repeat the card according to your tastes and preferences.

 Make a box for your new cards

You may need a box to hold your new business cards. Why not make a box out of your old business cards? You can be resourceful and innovative at the same time. Take out all the old visiting cards and make a box out of them. 

This will help you to store your existing cards as well. You can make use of the old and new cards at the same time.

 Use them as table place cards 

These days people are getting creative for the event at their houses. If you have use number of people coming up for an event, you can use these cards are stable place cards. 

Use the backside of your card and try to be creative in your approach. Mention the name where every guest is sitting.

 Alternatively, you can use the card in your business events as well. You may hide the old information and write the new guest’s name. This way, you can use your visiting card in the perfect name card place.

 Use them as labels

Your old business cards can be perfectly used as labels. There may be a library or cabinet in your house. You can use these cards to label these filing cabinets and libraries. 

Also, you can use the labels wherever you feel you can use them. The simplest way is where in you can use your old visiting cards. 

Conceal the information and use the backside of your card as a label.

 Make a headphone holder

Your headphones get tangled every time you use them. It may be annoying while your headphone is entangled. It can damage your earbuds and can damage your headphone life. 

Look for various tutorials to make your business card a headphone holder. It is a very useful technique to use. Also, it is creative and fun at the same time.

 Make a playing cards deck

With your business card, you can make a deck of playing cards. If you enjoy playing cards, this can be an added advantage. 

You can paint colour and make these cards as you’re playing cards. Alternatively, you can use construction paper over these cards and design your new playing cards.

Cut-out guitar picks

This is a boon for you if you love music and playing the guitar. You can cut these business cards and use them as guitar picks. 

Many articles and resources help you to make these pictures from your cards. Try cutting them in proper shape to make effective use of them.

 Use them for a scrapbook

can effectively use these cards to add value to your memory lane. If you are making a scrapbook of these photographs, use these cards to segregate your memory timeline. Also, you can use them as milestones for your scrapbook.


You can use your business effectively if you use them with a creative angle. Do not throw these cards and instead use them in your daily activities. 

It is very easy to throw, but it will be thoughtful of you to reuse these business cards and be innovative.