Evening Desert Safari | A Great Way To See It At Night

Leaving the city behind, you take your 4×4 car out into the vast desert. You’ve decided to go on a dune-basting adventure to the desert’s heartland to experience its true essence. Everyone knows that the desert comes alive with life and energy in the evening with the Evening Desert Safari in Dubai. You start your trip in the late afternoon, excited to find out what’s around the next corner. Your next stop will be amid a sea of gentle, reddish sand dunes that seem to go on forever. You may relax and take in the stunning sights of the Arabian Desert against the background of the sun sinking in the sky. All of the fun and happiness are still to come. You can expect a unique evening at the Bedouin Camp that combines old-fashioned and modern things. There are a lot of local specialties and treats from other countries that will please your taste buds. The belly dancers’ mesmerizing show will make you forget to breathe. 

Safaris In The Desert In The Morning vs. Safaris In The Desert In The Evening

A morning best desert safari Dubai might be uncomfortable because of the heat, so the best time to go is in the evening. In the tropical desert, the heat gives way to a cool breeze as the day ends. Extreme sports are at their peak, so get out your sandboard and quad bikes.

After an exciting safari day, you can relax at the well-known Bedouin camp. Evening desert safaris include:

  • Watching traditional entertainment (belly dance, etc.).
  • Relaxing under the stars in a comfortable tent.
  • Eating delicious, authentic Arabian food.

Activities of Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris are a must-do for every adventurer because they offer so many traditional and exciting things to do. The first step is usually dune bashing with a Hummer, Land Cruiser, or another 4×4 vehicle. When you drive over the ever-changing sand dunes, your excitement level goes through the roof. You’ll have time to take it all in, take some fantastic photos, and try your hand at sandboarding, quad biking, dune buggy, or any of a number of other activities that are unique to the sand dunes are sure to get your blood pumping.

Dinner and a show are among the things to do. The fun doesn’t end there when you go on an Evening Safari. Visiting the Bedouin Camp in the desert will open up a new world of fun for you. 

People who go on safari in the morning may have a light breakfast when they return to the camp, but those who go out in the evening may have a delicious meal when they return. Here, you can get all of your favorite non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes and a vast range of both.

What a Nighttime Desert Safari Is Like

At the end of a desert safari, you can get a conveyance from your hotel or another place to stay and take it back there. When you use a 4×4 vehicle to drive through sand dunes that is when the fun starts. Your heart will be racing as your skilled driver takes you on an exciting ride across the sand dunes. After this, everyone may enjoy the remainder of the camp’s wonderful and exciting activities.

At the camp, you may participate in various desert pursuits, such as sandboarding (a sport that consists of sliding down sand dunes for enjoyment), dune buggy (dune-crossing) driving, and traditional camel ride. Falconry, which is an old sport, is sometimes done on safaris as well. Even though these things are fun for kids, they may also be fun for adults.

But the most fun and relaxing part of a safari is the last part. Tanoura and belly dancing are two traditional dances that will blow your mind. Often, the supper is a fancy three-course meal with food from different parts of the world on each course. And that doesn’t even include the fun things you can do, like getting your hands painted with henna or taking a picture in traditional clothes.

Some of the Evening Safari’s Secrets

  • Bring a light jacket or stole for the evening, since deserts can get cold when the sun goes down.
  • Because you will be getting in and out of the sand a lot, you should wear open shoes, flip-flops, or sandals.
  • Sand can quickly get into your eyes and ruin your day, so it’s best to wear sunglasses.
  • Dune bashing may look like a scary ride on a roller coaster. If you are an older person, a parent, or have any health problem, you should consider this.

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A Good Idea To Go On A Desert Safari Night

Due to the high temperatures, visiting the desert during the day might be challenging. In contrast, the temperatures in the desert start to drop at night, making it much easier to go hiking. Also, a night desert safari gives you a different view of the desert.

You can enjoy the cooler air when you go up there and watch the sun go down against a lavender-purple sky. During a nighttime desert safari, you might ride a camel, go sandboarding, eat a traditional Arabian meal by the campfire, look at the stars, and do other things. Even though most desert safaris end after dark, many people still choose to sleep outside under the stars.


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