Should I disable AVG if my PC is crashing frequently?

AVG Antivirus is the best security software when it comes to blocking URLs that aren’t safe to open for your device or which have malware contents that might get your personal life vulnerable. It has the capability to detect malware and viruses and hence, your PC will be completely safe and secure. There are some AVG users who have reported PC crashing issues and they often that it is because of AVG Antivirus. But the truth is different, AVG will never slow your device down, in-fact it will enhance the performance of the PC.

In case of any doubt, you can try to disable AVG if the PC is crashing to make sure if your PC is running well after disabling this software. Don’t worry if you are not aware of the procedure to disable AVG antivirus we are here with the exact steps to do so.

Disable AVG Antivirus: If PC is crashing

Every component of AVG should be disabled individually and for that, you should follow the steps as it is mentioned below-

  • Firstly, go to the up-arrow that appears in the system tray and choose the AVG icon
  • Go to the Menu appears in the top-right AVG window corner and go to the Settings section and choose it
  • Now, choose the tab of Basic Protection tab and choose File Shield and choose the toggle switch that appears beside the File Shield appears at the top of the window
  • After that, choose time duration for the AVG to keep it inactive before enabling it back or choose Stop Indefinitely for turning the feature off unless you enable it manually

You should repeat the steps in the Web Shield, Behavior Shield, and Email Shields tab to disable all of them

Retrieve Windows If AVG Crashes Your PC

The only way to get a PC recovered from crashing that is caused by the AVG antivirus software is to use the AVG rescue CD or the flash drive

  • You will need to use a functioning PC to create the bootable drive and one a working PC, you have to download the AVG Rescue software
  • Enter the blank CD or the formatted USB flash drive into the working PC and extract the ZIP folder and open the file of setup and then, go to the disc drive or the USB drive and click on Install
  • When the installation is finished, you have to remove the flash/disc and enter it into the malfunctioning PC
  • Boot it from the disc to start the AVG Rescue CD and when the CD has launched then, go to Utilities and File Manager
  • Locate to the affected hard drive and then, locate to the AVG folder that is commonly under C:\Program Files\grisoft\
  • After that, rename the AVG folder anything which you would like
  • Now, you have to close the File Manager and remove the AVG Rescue CD and then restart the PC

In the end, you have to restart your device as normal and you are all set

AVG Crashes on Mac Devices

There might be instances when Mac devices start crashing. The specialty of Apple devices is that they never nag and hence when it starts crashing then, there must be AVG antivirus behind this. In most cases, there might be an old version due to which your Mac devices are crashing. In this scenario, you have to install the available updates of Mac and try to check it again.

All-in-one solution-

In case, if you have cracked that AVG is behind the crashing PC then, you should try the above-given steps to disable it for a while and if it is still crashing then, you should reinstall AVG antivirus with the newest version. Reinstallation is the only way left behind for any issue due to which AVG is not working on your device.

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