Is it necessary to customize McAfee antivirus after installation?

For beginner users when they install McAfee antivirus they might start searching for the setup after installation. There is lots of work to do via the McAfee login portal. One can sign into a McAfee account and get comprehensive protection for the device. By signing, users can download antivirus security; choose for the auto-renewal policy, existing plans, and many more.

Create McAfee User Account

The first to do is to customize McAfee antivirus after installation. Anyone who already has installed it, can create a user account on McAfee. The user account is essential from downloading the antivirus security, adding a new device, and resetting the password. With the McAfee user account, you can’t do anything on the McAfee official website.

When you have created an account, this software will send the verification code. By checking the account, you can start using McAfee products and services to keep you secured from viruses and internet threats.

Create the account following the steps below

  • Find the McAfee Login account from the Internet Browser
  • From the Search result list and choose the one with Login to McAfee Account
  • There you will see an option “Register Now” option from the right-side column
  • Click on that and then, enter the email address and password on the next page
  • When you enter all of the requirements in the required field and click on the “I Agree” button
  • When you reset yourself as a new user, McAfee will send the verification email
  • Check the account and then, sign in to your account

Login to McAfee Account

You can sign into your McAfee account by entering a simple set of steps. Go to the internet browser and enter the McAfee account information on the website

  • Launch Internet Browser

From the browser, navigate to the search engine and find the McAfee sign-in account. Choose the one which says “Login”, McAfee Account

  • Open McAfee Login Portal

Now, go to the McAfee Account sign-in link to go to a new webpage with the sign-in option of McAfee

Enter the Credentials

In the blank fields, enter the registered email address and password and choose “Remember Me”. Go to the “Login” option from the web

  • Customize the Account

After signing in, go to the profile and add the profile picture. To update the username and tweak the account settings

Ways to Setup Auto-Renewal Process of McAfee

Auto-Renewal is the procedure that renews the McAfee subscription without dropping the antivirus security. In case, if you ignore the renewal date, the antivirus security will stop working. It is clever to choose auto-renewal process. It will ensure that your PC is secured after years.

  • Access your McAfee Account and go to the My Account Tab
  • Choose “Auto-Renewal” settings and scroll down
  • Go to the option to activate Auto-Renewal for the preferred McAfee account

Here you are all set and now, can use McAfee for devices protection. Keep the software updated to ensure hassle-free security.

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