6 Characteristics of Custom Printed Wholesale Chinese Takeout

Chinese food is mostly served in takeout boxes, especially rice, and noodles are served in these boxes alongside chopsticks. These boxes are not only common in China, but also in many different countries. Many Chinese restaurants all over the world use these boxes to serve specific types of dishes. There are many different famous restaurants that serve delicious Chinese food. Some of them are; Bar Shu, Newport Tang Cang, Old Jesse, and many more. When it comes to providing the perfect experience to customers while eating, brands prefer custom printed wholesale Chinese takeout. These boxes have numerous characteristics that can help the business grow in the right direction. Brands can use these boxes and can generate more revenue by bringing more customers on board. These boxes can help brands increase their customer footprint by giving them high-quality packaging for their food.

Customizable Design

The look and feel of the packaging can attract customers very easily. A good design is always eye-catching and delivers an elegant look. Brands can grab customer attention by serving them in takeout boxes with unique and catchy designs. That’s why brands prefer custom-printed wholesale Chinese takeout. These boxes are fully customizable. Brands can design these boxes using different elements to make these boxes look attractive. Brands can print these boxes in any color of their choice based on RGB and CMYK schemes.

Unique Styling

Commonly, takeout boxes are very similar in design to one another. Since there are many different restaurants and the competition between them is high, it is important for them to attract customers using different tactics and by providing takeout boxes in different styles, brands can achieve this. For this purpose, brands choose custom-printed wholesale Chinese takeout boxes as they are very rich in features. These boxes are available in different styles, and custom sizes. Brands can use their creativity to make these boxes look fascinating. Brands can die-cut them, and bring out a unique shape. Brands can also get these boxes in any size they want; because of this feature brands are able to serve customers in different meal sizes. Customers can choose meal sizes according to their wishes and their food will be served in these boxes without any issue.

Unique Material

These boxes are also available in different materials. Some of the material options are; Chipboard, Kraft, Cardboard, Corrugated, etc. These materials have their own different characteristics that deliver a unique experience. Brands can get these boxes in any material option according to their demand. Brands can take these boxes to the next level in finishing quality by coating or laminating them. Coating or laminating can increase the look and feel of the boxes. Some of the options are; Matte Lamination, Gloss Lamination, UV Spot coating, etc. These all options give different looks to the boxes.

Environmentally Safe

Once a customer eats their meal, they bin or throw out their takeout boxes. Then these boxes become part of garbage and go on to increase waste pollution. An increase in waste pollution is very unhealthy for the livelihood of the earth. In this modern world, the media has played an important role in spreading awareness about the importance of global warming. People have understood how important it is to use eco-friendly solutions, and customers really appreciate brands that prefer ecological solutions. That’s why brands serve food in custom-printed wholesale Chinese takeout as they are made up of 100% recycled material. They are biodegradable and decompose themselves over time. The use of these boxes helps to decrease waste pollution and make the environment neat and clean.

Uplift Customer Experience

These boxes have amazing features that elevate the customer experience. And These boxes are made up of solid and sturdy material that delivers a couple of benefits to the customers. These boxes keep the food warm and fresh for a longer time. They also protect the food properly from dripping down or ruining the box. By getting these boxes brands can spread their positive reputation in the market as customers are getting decent experience. If a customer gets a bad experience, that can ruin the image of the brand, but because of these boxes’ brands can deliver fresh meals and make the customer happy.

Effect on the Growth of Brand

Brands can grow by coming up with unique tactics and by running successful marketing campaigns. Marketing can help the brand reach the masses, and convert the audience into regular customers. To run a successful marketing campaign, brands can use these boxes and showcase their products in a very unique and creative way so they can attract new customers. This approach can help brands increase their customer footprint, and eventually increase sales and generate more revenue.


Most restaurants prefer custom-printed wholesale Chinese takeout boxes as they benefit customers and brands. Brands can design these boxes elegantly to deliver an outclass look. These boxes also play an important role in the growth of the business. Brands can attract more customers using these boxes and increase the customer footprint. All in all, these boxes are the best option for restaurants; they can deliver fresh and warm food to customers easily.


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