May 30, 2023

Conversion of any eCommerce store is one of the crucial metrics to look for. It is because the return on investment in the marketing efforts is significantly dependent on conversions. You can spend thousands of dollars on SEO and paid promotions but still not get a return if your store is not CRO optimize.   

The Thai Lottery is a popular form of gambling in Thailand that is regulate by the government’s Thai Lottery Results Office (GLO). The draw is held twice a month on the 1st and 16th. and the results are announced on national television and published in newspapers.

Players can purchase tickets from authorised retailers. and ticket prices vary depending on the type of game and the number of draws in which the player wishes to participate. The top prize in the Thai lottery is about 3 million Thai baht (about $100,000).

Prizes are awarded for matching the winning numbers on the ticket. with the highest prize going to players who match all six key numbers. There are also small prizes for matching low numbers.

Online Thai Lottery Result Paper 3UP Tips
The Thai lottery is a popular activity in Thailand. with many hoping to win big prizes. However, it is important to remember that participating in the lottery or any other form of gambling can be risky and may not always be a reliable source of income. Gambling can be addictive and can have negative financial and social consequences if not managed responsibly.

The optimization of any store for conversions should be one of your priorities. Otherwise, different design elements can mess up the customer experience just as any case of insubordination at work messes up your work experience. But since your revenues directly depend on it, it is advisable to optimize your website for maximum conversions.  

Check out how to optimize your eCommerce store for conversions in the following:   

Use High-Quality Images That Clearly Show the Product  

One of the things that can mess up the customer experience is the images. Your eCommerce images should not be pixelated or distorted at all. Also, include multiple images to show how your product appears from different angles. The feature of auto-zooming in on the product can be a valuable addition too.   

A challenge with using high-quality images is the fact that they take longer to load. If the visual elements take noticeably longer to load, it can cause inconvenience for the customers. So, it is best to optimize high-quality images to decrease the page load and increase loading speeds. You can get further help from the developers to optimize the site.   

Clear and Accurate Descriptions   

The images and description of the product are there to serve a purpose. Compliment the images and earn customers’ trust with clear, detailed, and accurate descriptions of the product. Your content should be convincing to take the customer from the interest to the action phase of the customer journey.   

If you find it fitting, you can suggest accessories in the content to upsell. But your cross-selling and upselling should be natural. Make sure the products are relevant and you add actual value to customers. 

Apart from the descriptions, it is better to maintain a blog relevant to your key products, if it is manageable. This way the content can help broaden the funnel and also offer helpful content doing their research before the purchase.   

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Enhance Page Experience  

The page experience of your eCommerce store is one of the key aspects to cover. Both the buttons and page design should be optimized to enhance the page experience. All the design elements should go well together. Often eCommerce stores add so much that it distracts attention. Remember the stars of your page design are the products. Your other page elements should complement them and compete with them. More importantly, do not look cluttered.   

Another important thing to cover is to make sure that your page design is responsive. Your customers can be coming from smartphones to laptops. So, your design elements should adjust to the screen size. This way the page experience for customers will be a lot better.   

One of the pet peeves of modern customers is visiting too many pages. Use APIs to allow multiple actions like using the add to cart option, filling out the shipping address form, and checkout. The lesser the number of pages involved; the more are chances of eCommerce success. Needless to say, keep the number of pages involved to a minimum.    

Offer Free Shipping  

Sometimes when people make purchases from eCommerce stores, the shipping costs are not mentioned in the store. With such stores, the shipping bill can come as an unforeseen expense. And people usually hate such kinds of surprises. Also, being very straightforward with the additional costs of shipping can be somewhat annoying.  

So, what you can do instead is adjust the pricing to incorporate the shipping charges. Or another thing you can do is to offer free shipping on purchases of value over some fixed value. Make sure to highlight and mention it on the website because how else will the customers know otherwise?  

Customer Support Through Chatbots  

Generally, the customer support of eCommerce stores is hard to reach. So, one simple step to get you an edge over the competition is to offer customer support and make it accessible. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to offer customer support is by using chatbots. Customers can drop their emails or numbers to be contacted. This way you can resolve all customer queries and get higher customer satisfaction rates. It will ultimately optimize your conversion rates.   

Working on these five things alone can make a difference. Stores with these qualities are more likely to suit customers’ needs. Regardless if your customer is a middle-aged mortgage recruiter to someone studying humanities in school. It is advisable to create a checklist and ensure you cover all these aspects in your eCommerce store. Changing your page design and decreasing customer effort can significantly optimize your stores for conversions. Dig into this blog to know more.