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The world is witnessing increased construction activity for a variety of purposes, which is driving up demand for construction equipment. However, their high ownership and maintenance costs are limiting their sales and projecting a greater preference for renting such equipment among contractors.

Renting construction equipment offers numerous advantages such as cost-effectiveness, increased exposure to technologically advanced and cutting-edge equipment, efficiency in construction operations, and automation and telematics for complex procedures, among others. These incredible benefits are playing a critical role in the global expansion of the construction equipment rental industry.

Report Overview: –

MarkNtel Advisors offers a comprehensive research report on the Construction Equipment Rental Market,covering all the aspects associated with the vast market dynamics. This study is rigorous & incorporates an extensive & detail-driven examination of the industry, exhibiting drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, key trends, & recent developments, among others, making a significant influence on the market growth.

This analysis covers data from the historic years (2017-20) and the base year (2021), put together in a way to bring out estimations for the forecast period (2022-2027). In the study, our researchers bring reliable, unbiased, & accurate data on the market, enlightening the investors about fluctuating industry operations & anticipations on what to expect in the future. 

Impact of Covid-19 on the Global Construction Equipment Rental Market

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 slowed most industries around the world, including the Global Construction Equipment Rental Market. With the imposition of stringent movement restrictions and frequent lockdowns to prevent the spread of this dreadful disease, the market’s leading players faced several unprecedented challenges associated with providing construction equipment rental services across multiple countries.

As most governments suspended such operations, demand for these services fell significantly during the crisis. Furthermore, research and development activities to demonstrate technologies such as automation and telematics were temporarily halted, resulting in massive financial losses for the major market players.

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Scope of the Report: –

-Comprehensive Market Overview

The research comprises a brief insight into a comprehensive understanding of the Construction Equipment Rental Market. This section revolved around the key elements driving the demand & popularity of the products & services, along with an insight into the ongoing trends & developments that influence the market expansion. 

-Role of the Governments & Participation of Players 

This report also reveals the challenges faced by the players to sustain in the fragmented market while incorporating the diverse norms & regulations imposed by the governments across locations. 

-Market Dynamics

The industry is vast & scales across different regions, owing to which several challenges, opportunities, restraints, and drivers are shaping the market expansion. This section contemplates these interfaces by closely examining the parameters and the strategic moves made by the players to sustain the industry.

Various Question Asking by Most of the People (FAQ): –

-Who are the key companies in Construction Equipment Rental market?

-How big is the Construction Equipment Rental market?

-Which region dominated the Construction Equipment Rental market globally in 2022?

-What is the area of opportunity for the segment in the Construction Equipment Rental market?

-What are the major points impacting the market’s expansion?

Segmentation & Regional Analysis Included in This Report: –

The Construction Equipment Rental Market report brings a comprehensive analysis of the industry across each bifurcation & geography, covering elements like opportunities & challenges accessed by the players, demand, supply, & revenue generation, size, sales, profits, volume, and price fluctuations, among others. 

Market Alienated in to, By Type of Equipment

-Earthmoving Equipment

-Material Handling Equipment

-Road Building & Concrete

Market Alienated in to, By Type of Product





-Road Roller




-Diesel Generator

-Concrete Pumps

-Concrete Mixers


Market Alienated in to, By Application

-Power & Utilities




-Healthcare & Educational Institutes

-Manufacturing Units


Market Alienated in to, By Region

-North America

-South America


-Middle East & Africa

-Asia Pacific

What You Will Get in this Report: –

In this research report you will get contemplates information from the past, ongoing trends & developments, putting together data after carefully assessing the changes in the industry, enabling the competitors to plan their strategies & tactics in diverse segments across locations, grounding on the following parameters: –

-Business strategies & shares

-Demand growth & falls

-Gross margins & profits 

-Investment opportunities & revenue generation

-Key players & their profiling 

-Leading geographies

-Trends & developments, among others

Leading Key Player Analysis: –

The researchers rigorously profile different prominent companies operating in the Construction Equipment Rental Market and mention the strategies, recent developments, expansion plans, product/service portfolio, mergers & acquisitions, & opportunities utilized to attain profit margins, among others, adopted by the players to sustain in the market. The prominent players profiled in the report include: –

-United Rentals, Inc.

-Herc Holdings Inc.

-Loxam SaS

-H&E Equipment Services, Inc.

-Aktio Corporation

-Kanamoto Co., Ltd.

-Cramo Group

-Sarens NV

-Ramirent PLC

-Nikken Corporation

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