Buying Tesla Cars using Bitcoin

“What if you could buy your favorite Tesla car with Bitcoin?” Not surprisingly, with the cryptocurrency soaring to new heights, an increasing number of automakers have begun accepting Bitcoin and other popular forms of digital currency as a form of payment. Last year, Elon Musk’s tweet regarding Tesla being bought with Bitcoin triggered a “buying frenzy” amongst car enthusiasts and crypto-players.

Speaking of buying cars with cryptocurrency, seeing Tesla cars for sale with Bitcoin has become commonplace. However, with little experience and first-hand knowledge of shopping for electric cars with cryptocurrency, people may find it extremely challenging to find a suitable as well as authentic car dealership available in the market. 

Did you know AutoCoinCars is one of the few trusted online car dealerships that accept payment in cryptocurrency? Before we delve into how you can buy luxury cars with Bitcoin via AutoCoinCars, let us get insights into Bitcoin and its works. 

What is Bitcoin and how does it function?

Also called the first form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be use to make online transactions. With a growing number of vendors accepting Bitcoin. It is widely use to sell, purchase and exchange several goods and services.

Since 2009, Bitcoin, one of the hottest and most desirable forms of digital currency. has experienced a dramatic rise in its price or value. Bitcoin was create by Satoshi Nakamoto as an electronic payment system that relies on cryptography rather than trust. Bitcoin is store in a digital wallet that has a private key link to it. You are the only person to whom the digital wallet ID is reveal. This ensures that your transactional records are keet highly secure. 

Bitcoin uses a decentralized system to operate. Without involving a third party in the form of a central authority, such as a bank. Bitcoin can be trade directly between two parties in a peer-to-peer fashion. No matter how far you are sitting from the person you are dealing with. Bitcoin transactions can be carried out speedily and safely. Speaking of the P2P network, it closely monitors, tracks, and verifies the exchange of Bitcoin between participants.

So, when a Bitcoin-to-Bitcoin transaction is carry out. A hash code that is digitally encrypted is trade across the P2P network. Therefore, the transactional data is keet confidential and anonymous for anyone who is accessing it. 

Another layer of security is add through blockchain technology. Also known as a digital ledger in which transactional data is store. A blockchain, or digital ledger, stores transactional information, including the date, time. Value, and identification key, in units or blocks that make up a chain altogether.

The information is store in several places at a time. The technology behind Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is specifically design to make the stored data “tamper-proof” . Meaning that it has nearly zero probability of being hack or manipulate in any way. Therefore, once enter into the digital ledger, transactional records can not be change. This also allows it to be irreversible. 

Now that you are well-verse with what Bitcoin actually is and how it functions. Let us come back to how cars like Tesla can be purchase with it through AutoCoinCars. 

Buying Tesla with AutoCoinCars

AutoCoinCars, being an industry leader, offers a wide variety of flagship cars associated with top-notch brands like Tesla, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, etc. With over hundreds of car dealerships on board and more than 5,000 luxury automobiles auctioned on the website.

AutoCoinCars qualifies as one of the largest cryptocurrency sites selling vehicles with Bitcoin. Once you visit their website, all you would see is a stellar showcase of extravagant and voguish cars available in Bitcoin. 

Specifically talking about Tesla, With 500 car dealerships on board. AutoCoinCars has become the leading cryptocurrency platform selling cars using Bitcoin. More than 5,000 vehicles are accessible on the website.

including used and brand-new cars. Each variant of Tesla has a yearly warranty specified with it. In the category of Tesla cars, a broad collection of other pre-own and electric automobiles. Can be shop for using Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency. 

If you are particularly interest in attaining a hassle-free online shopping experience to buy a Tesla car of your choice with Bitcoin, follow the below-enlist steps right away. 

Key Steps to Buying a Tesla with Bitcoin via AutoCoinCars.

Step 1 – Choose the cryptocurrency you would like to pay for a Tesla car with. For the purpose of this article, let us keep it Bitcoin.

Step 2 – Identify your budget. Before you decide which Tesla model you should purchase. Ensure that you have the right budget or amount of Bitcoins available for the car purchase in your digital wallet.

Step 3 – Keeping your budget in view, look for a suitable variant of the Tesla car that falls in your budget and meets your preference or liking. 

Step 4 – If you are unsure of the authenticity of private sellers or dealers available online, visit and sign up. Fill out the required fields and create your account on AutoCoinCars as a customer. Double-check the information you have entered to ensure the entire car-purchasing process goes smoothly.

Step 5 – Once you have created your account on AutoCoinCars, verify your account via email. An identification code will be share with you through email. This will allow you to access a wide collection of Tesla. Variants put up by multiple car dealerships on the website.

Step 6 – Now it is time to select a Tesla model of your choice. After taking your pick, contact the dealer offering it. You can request a test drive to physically inspect the car. And to ensure that the vehicle you are about to buy is in the best of conditions. 

Step 7 – Add your crypto-wallet information to your account on AutoCoinCars. A small amount of fee will be deduct from the wallet for verification purposes. For using your Bitcoin wallet or card, you will not be ask to pay the full amount at this stage. 

Step 8 – AutoCoinCars will share a certain seller pocket with you. where you can exchange your Bitcoin or other digital currency in an instant.

Step 9 – Pay for your selected Tesla car using a BitPay card or Bitcoin wallet. Make sure you receive the invoice, car registration documents, and the sales slip for the car from AutoCoinCars. 

Step 10 – Collect your Tesla car. Enjoy your ride! For more articles click here


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