Best Ever Government Jobs In Pakistan 2022

Best Ever Government Jobs

It is a big initiative of the government of Pakistan and their focus has been to generate jobs and push entrepreneurship in Pakistan. In this course of work, we all have been working hard towards this initiative and after achieving various milestones including support from numerous private sector companies and support from the public sector as well, the highly anticipated initiative by the government of Pakistan has already begun.

The government has already hired the first batch of successful candidates in the hospitality industry, who have graduated from the highly competitive courses. According to the official word, the Prime Minister is expected to inaugurate the master apprenticeship programme in the hospitality sector on October 12th in Islamabad.

The media has been gushing over the leading event, and we, too, are excited and looking forward to getting an opportunity to see the new budding talent in the industry. The event will be telecast live. Follow @US_Government for updates!


Here is some top career advice by Abdullah Ahmed Qureshi, CEO of Marriott Pakistan on the government’s plan to launch the country’s first-ever hospitality apprenticeship programme with the government of Pakistan:

1. Apprenticeships are an excellent way for government, companies and citizens to engage people with untapped potential. No other country has such an efficient and comprehensive apprenticeship system.

2. Apprenticeships provide the training that corporations and Governments Jobs need to fill key technical skills and technical knowledge gaps. They enable employers to hire younger workers, such as recent college graduates, and individuals looking to get back into the workforce, without having to pay high rates for college training.

3. The rapid increase in the number of employers joining apprenticeship programmes in recent years demonstrates that apprenticeships are no longer just for disadvantaged youth.

4. Apprenticeships open the doors to employment and give people the chance to contribute to the economic development of their countries. Apprenticeships help employers gain important knowledge in the crucial areas that are vital to their business, and young people gain important life skills and work experience that will benefit them in the long term.