Benefits of Bottle Packaging in Liquid Product Industries

Have you ever looked at the bottom of a product in a plastic bottle and wondered about its making? You may have seen products made from polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET). It’s sturdy, shatterproof, and can be made clear like a glass bottle or jar. Like 120ml bottle packaging for oils or juices.

In many industries, PET is the material of choice. Its chemical resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, breakage resistance, and low cost make it a viable solution for packaging consumables.

Glass has proven to be an excellent packaging solution for the beverage industry since ancient times. That hasn’t changed. Glass bottles are the perfect container for the food and beverage industry as they preserve the quality of the contents and protect the product from external influences.

Facts and Figures

  • Recycling glass can be done as many times as you want. 
  • Legislation such as container deposits reinforces the benefits associated with glass packaging.
  • 80% of recycled Glass is converted into new glass products.
  • It only takes 30 days for a glass container to go from the recycling bin to the retail shelf. It is estimated that 80% of all recycled glass containers become new glass bottles.
  • Since the Glass is non-porous and impermeable, there is no interaction between the glass packaging and the product, and it will not affect the taste of food or beverages. There will be no unpleasant aftertaste.
  • The chemical rate of Glass is almost zero, so products in glass bottles retain their strength, aroma, and taste.
  • When consumers choose glass food and beverages, they avoid potential risks while enjoying many benefits.

Advantages of using glass bottles for product packaging

bottle packaging
When you shop, you may see a lot of bottles on the shelf, but what good are they? We’ve compiled a list of the most significant advantages of using bottles as product packaging.

Easy to customize

Bottles are available in a fantastic range of custom sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you’re printing labels to decorate your bottle or directly on the bottle, it’s the brand that promotes your business. Choose materials, sizes, finishes, colors, and closures to create the product packaging of your dreams.

The most popular bottle materials are Glass and plastic, but both can be shaped to suit your needs, from square to precise to round. Most bottles come in a custom box packaging with various finishes, including clear, frosted, and colored. These features make bottle packaging a perfect choice for liquid product marketing.

It makes it easy to customize and personalize product bottles to suit your requirements and present your products to your customers, properly labeled.

Lots of filler

Whether it’s luxury cosmetics or soft drinks, you can put just about anything in a bottle. Bottles can also use to package all kinds of gels, lubricants, and oils in almost all industries, from pharmaceuticals to industrial products. Whatever your industry, find out how you can benefit from our product bottling services.


Our bottles are straightforward to use, Simple and functional – our customers appreciate the ease of use. Customers trust that the product is easily accessible and safe in the cap. Glass bottles are a hassle-free solution. Every drop of water you can take freely without making the tube wrinkle or exposing the bottle to air. This type of cap can reduce accidental product waste, spoilage, and contamination.

Glass bottles are sustainable and recyclable.

Glass bottles are 100% recyclable (including green and amber Glass) and also add benefits of being prepare from natural materials. These are also free of chemical additives that could affect the environment or the product. This protection, in turn, extends the product’s shelf life, thereby reducing waste.

Glass can withstand high temperatures.

Glass containers are also resistant to high temperatures, protected during production and shipping, reducing breakage and waste. From a consumer perspective, glass containers are also suitable food packaging that retains heat and can often reheat in a microwave.

Glass jars and bottles are very versatile

bottle packaging
Glass bottles are incredibly diverse in color, shape, and application in the packaging industry. For example, they provide a quick visual branding, conveying a sense of luxury that is difficult to achieve with similar packaging materials.


Glass has different transparency, shape, and texture than plastic or cardboard, giving it an impact that no other packaging material can match. The clarity of the Glass makes the product look more apparent, and the strength of the fabric creates a luxurious feel.


It is one of the safest bottle packaging boxes materials are available for any product, can hold any product, and enhance the appearance of the shelf in a way no other material can. As our culture moves more environmentally friendly, glass bottles are also becoming more and more popular.


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