Beginner Guide to Buying the First Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are known around the world for not requiring any additional sound amplification. You don’t need additional electric amplifier to amp up the sound. It is played naturally by plucking its steel strings with fingers. However, there are several factors that need to be considered before purchasing that first acoustic guitar. Making informed decision to buy the right musical instrument is important.

Any guitar is a complex instrument. However, the learning curve with it is smaller than many other stringed instruments. Depending on your level of interest and dedication, mastering it shouldn’t take much long. Yet, going to pro levels is a completely different ballgame. So, make sure to read through to find out important information that will help buy that first acoustic guitar:

Look at the Price of Your First Acoustic Guitar

When looking for a good quality first guitar for sale, make sure to always consider the price. The first instrument will most likely be your learner one. You will not be familiar with movements that prolong the life of those strings and rest of the instrument.

It is important to look for a good deal when buying that first acoustic guitar. Spending too much on the first one is never a good idea. Of course, there are options available for thousands of dollars even tens of thousands too. Buy a good one at a good price. Move to more expensive ones once you are on way.

Test the Guitar or One Like It

Acoustic guitars are different in many ways to other types of guitars. You must make sure to try the one you are going to purchase. When buying online, make sure to test an acoustic guitar for yourself first. If you can visit any high street music store, make sure to try one. Or, if anyone in your social circle has it, make sure to give it a try.

Music instruments like the guitar, bouzouki, harp and all others are all about that feel in hand. Most of the times, you instantly know if you like one or not. Give it a try for yourself and end up making the right choice for your instrument.

Size and Dimension Consideration

Different people at different age groups will have different body sizes including arm reach and hands. These are vital factors that will make playing a guitar comfortable or the lack of comfort. In fact, a guitar that is too big might not even be playable. Similarly, one that is too small, will cause discomfort.

Its size should be perfect for your body size. Your hands, arms and fingers should never hurt after playing for a while. In fact, playing any guitar, helps build finger strength. Also, be careful while selecting the perfect size of your acoustic guitar. It will help keep your neck and back stress free too.

Always Check for Hidden Malfunctions or Problems

There are many factors that contribute to the fit and finish of your music instruments including guitars. Whether buying your bodhran drums or acoustic guitars, make sure to check for hidden problems. There can be many when you least expect them. So many factors can make or break your purchase for any music instrument because of hidden smallest of problems.

Make sure to check if the strings are fitted properly or not. Your guitar’s body should not have any visible scratches. Also, check if any scratches or cracks have been painted over. Look if the neck is fitted properly and everything on it as well. These are all very important factors.

Keeping It Safe

It is important to care for your acoustic guitar just like any other option like the harp instrument. Even with your first guitar, make sure to get what you need to keep it safe. A good quality guitar bag or case should do the job nicely. Also, if you can get those guitar polishes and waxes, they should help last it long as well. Protect it, care for it and learn it as you go.

Get the Accessories Your Will Need

Many music stores offer their guitars bundled with accessories. It can be available with good deals on additional steel strings, a tuner, a guitar strap, a Gigbag and other accessories. Also, ask for a good warranty. Usually, 1-3 years warranty should be a good add-on. Replacement options or buy back can also be good if available as well.

Posture for Acoustic Guitars

When starting to learn your acoustic guitar, you posture is very important. It’s crucial to put your back straight. The guitar that you buy should be comfortable enough keeping your back straight. Ensure your feet are easily touching the ground when in a sitting position. Keep the neck horizontal to the floor while playing it. These are all things your guitar instructor should tell you if you have any.

Also, use the right leg to hold the guitar’s waist if you are right-handed. Pluck the strings with your fingers in a comfortable position. These tips will also help learn the guitar at a faster rate. Also, you can get lessons online when required.

Types of Acoustic Guitars

These acoustic guitars are available in two main types. The streel-stringed ones are probably the easiest available and most used. Also, the classic one that has nylon strings is a good option. Acoustic guitar is most commonly used in classical music. It is often the first choice for beginners because it has lower amounts of string tension. Pick the right one up and learn it quickly. Then, you can move on to other options like the electric guitar.


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